Children’s carpets in the room for girls

children's carpets in the room for girls 0

The carpet in the children’s room plays a significant role: it creates coziness and comfort, removes unnecessary acoustics, making the room quieter, protects the child from the cold and the hardness of the floor. A children’s carpet on the floor for girls must meet all the requirements, and also be safe.

Choosing a carpet for a nursery

Speaking about safety, first of all, we mean the ecological cleanliness of the carpet. Since children have more contact with carpeting when playing on the floor, they should not be threatened by harmful emissions and caustic dyes.

You need to choose carpets from hypoallergenic materials without chemicals. It is better if it is a carpet made of artificial or mixed fibers with a short or medium pile.

Such products do not cause allergies, do not accumulate a static charge, they are easy to clean, they are not susceptible to mold and do not support the growth of insects and bacteria.

As for the design of children’s carpets for girls, it will depend on the age of the child. If a girl of 2-3 years old lives in the room, the carpet should be bright, with drawings that help to explore the world. For girls from 3 to 9 years old, the carpet is a playing field, and after 9 years old it becomes just an element of decor and should be in harmony with the overall decor of the room.

By size, carpets can be conditionally divided into small (up to 2.5 m²), medium (2.5-6 m²) and large (from 6 m²). The choice of size will directly depend on the dimensions of the room and the availability of free space on the floor.

In this case, it is not necessary that there should be only one carpet in the room. For example, a small area rug can be placed next to the bed or in the dressing area, while a medium or large area rug will take up most of the floor area in the nursery. At the same time, it is very cool when several rugs are made in the same design.

Children’s carpets in a girls’ room measuring 2×3 meters usually become one of the main interior details. They form a general idea of ​​the nursery, so you need to choose them carefully. At the same time, remember that in order for the carpet not to look like carpet, there should be a gap of 20-30 cm between its edges and furniture.

Carpets also differ in their shape. Square, rectangular, oval and round — all these carpets in the nursery for the girl have a place to be. At the same time, it must be said that round and oval carpets visually enlarge the room, create a feeling of more space.

Children’s carpet on the wall for a girl — is it needed?

Everything is clear with the floor carpet — it warms and insulates the room, making it more comfortable and beautiful. But is it necessary to hang the carpet also on the wall? Is this tradition a relic of the past, or does it still have a practical meaning?

In fact, carpets are hung on the wall not so much for decoration, but for noise and heat insulation of the walls, especially in the area of ​​​​the crib. So, the child will not cling to the cold wall in a dream and will not freeze.

Taking into account the modern variety of subjects, the wall carpet can also serve as a kind of picture, an additional decoration for the nursery.

price issue

Before buying a carpet for a nursery, you need to decide on the budget that you are willing to allocate for it. It should be remembered that the price is influenced by such factors:

  • manufacturer — imported products cost 30-60% more than domestic ones, while the quality of products sometimes does not differ much;
  • raw material cost — natural materials are more expensive than synthetic ones, but neither wool nor silk is desirable for children;
  • type of production — hand-made carpets are more expensive than those produced in automated production;
  • pile height and density — this parameter can vary greatly and, accordingly, cause large discrepancies in the cost of the product.

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