Chandeliers for living room

Chandeliers for living room

Lighting is not the least important in the general atmosphere that reigns in the house, especially in the room where all family members are most often present or guests are received.

A chandelier for a living room should be chosen especially carefully, taking into account at least two criteria: firstly, it must ideally match the interior of the room, and secondly, it must be simply beautiful. Today you can choose a chandelier for every taste, models come in different shapes, colors, styles — all this will help make the house cozy.

Chandeliers in various styles

Chandeliers for living room in classic style, as before, are popular and widespread. Their appearance is distinguished by luxury and presentability, they are perfect for the interior of the room, the style of which is both classic and modern.

If the living room is done in Provence stylewhich is characterized by chic textiles and delicate floral patterns, then the chandelier for it should be chosen from colored glass, which is ideal for color design.

Lovers of minimalism can recommend chandeliers for the living room in high-tech style, concise in form, with small shades, light bulbs, candles. They often have a flexible frame, and can also change the angle of rotation of the shades. Chandeliers for the living room in this style are always original and modern.

Lovers of antiquity, of course, suitable for the living room chandeliers in modern style with their ornate and curved elements. In such chandeliers there are no shining chrome parts, the metal elements in them are covered with copper and bronze paint and do not lose their luster over time. Such chandeliers are especially good in private country houses. Stylish chandeliers for the living room with curved lines, made of brass, copper and bronze, are back in fashion and are a trend in today’s market.

Chandeliers for living room in modern style often characterized by minimalism, while they are functional and elegant, made of modern materials, often equipped with halogen, energy-saving light bulbs.

Chandeliers for living room loft style — very concise in form, distinguished by the absence of decorations, sometimes they have an «aged» look. Chandeliers in this style can be in the form of a kerosene stove or look like an old ship’s lantern.

Various types of chandeliers

For lovers of luxury, the ideal solution would be to purchase a crystal chandelier for the living room, it will add shine and solemnity to the room.

For a living room with a fireplace, we can recommend a wrought iron chandelier — it will harmoniously fit into the interior of the room, especially if wood, copper and gilding are used in its design.

If the room has low ceilings, for such a living room it would be a reasonable solution to use a flat chandelier located under the very ceiling.

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