Chandelier in the nursery

chandelier in the nursery 0

The right choice of a chandelier in a children’s room is the key to healthy vision in a child and his good mood. It must be chosen so that the baby likes the chandelier, matches his tastes and interests.

Basic requirements for a chandelier in the nursery

There should be enough light in the child’s room. The chandelier in the children’s room often acts as the main source of lighting. If it is not enough, you can install table lamps, wall lamps, LED lighting.

The ideal option for children’s vision are devices with LED lamps. They are the safest for the eyes, emit diffused light that is not annoying.

Preference should be given to chandeliers with flexible designs so that you can turn the rays in the right direction. It is convenient to install a switch with a power regulator, then you can choose the lighting mode suitable for the baby. Ceiling chandeliers in the nursery must be durable. During games, children can throw something like a ball at them. It is important that the device does not break and injure those present. Therefore, most prefer wooden, plastic, fabric lampshades. Organic glass, environmentally friendly plastic are attractive materials for creating fantasy lamps.

Chandelier options for children

When choosing a lighting fixture design, you need to proceed from the child’s gender, age and preferences. For the smallest, the light should be subdued and not very bright. For them, a frosted glass chandelier is well suited. The shape of the lampshade can be chosen memorable — a bear or an asterisk. The kid will definitely pay attention to it and will consider it for a long time.

Modern chandeliers for older children amaze with their unusual design. They successfully turn the room into a magical world in which you can fantasize, dream and develop. The color of the chandelier should be in harmony with the overall decor of the room, match the thematic design.

Chandeliers in the nursery for the boy are made in blue, blue, green, yellow. When designing it, you can use the theme of superheroes or give preference to a sporty style. An interesting solution is a chandelier-plane or a space rocket, you can even hang more than one of them.

The room is often decorated in a marine style or in the spirit of pirates, and then it is easy to pick up a thematic pattern for the ceiling. The frigate lamp is a great solution, even teenagers can like it.

A chandelier for a nursery for a girl can be purchased in light, delicate colors. So that the room does not seem monotonous, it is decorated with a lamp in the form of a toy or a ceiling lamp with bright images. Of the drawings, little princesses prefer color compositions, clouds, stars. The baby will like a bright ceiling with pendants in the form of colored figures of animals, birds, fairies, bees, butterflies, bows. The chandelier looks original on a suspension in the form of a ladybug or dragonfly, a crescent moon with a light bulb man sitting on it.

Designs can be very diverse. You can even meet a pink chandelier — a bicycle with shades instead of wheels.

Bright and cheerful devices will provide a great mood for the child. Children’s spots — a new type of lighting. They are fused light lamps that can be turned in the desired direction. Spots are also played with many decorative elements, becoming part of toys, for example, headlights for cars.

Choosing a chandelier for a baby is an exciting and entertaining activity. With the help of a beautiful chandelier in the children’s room, you can embody the most daring fantasies and give your child a bright, memorable childhood.

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