Chandelier in the corridor


Chandelier in the corridor

The corridor is the most frequently visited room, and its lighting plays a big role in the overall interior design of this part of the apartment or house. A properly selected chandelier or other lamp in the hallway will help zone the space, focus on any decorative elements. In addition, competent lighting will help visually adjust the hallway and make its interior stylish and original.

When choosing a chandelier for a corridor, remember that for a small hallway it is better to choose a small lamp. And in a narrow corridor, the chandelier should not be wider than a third of the width of the hallway. In a square room, a round or square lighting fixture will look good. For a spacious hallway, you should choose a massive chandelier with a lot of light bulbs.

Types of chandeliers for the corridor

The ceiling chandelier for the corridor is most often distinguished by its compactness and versatility. Such models are perfect for a hallway with low ceilings. These lamps are fixed to the ceiling rigidly, or on a short suspension. With the help of a ceiling chandelier, you can arrange local illumination of a separate functional area in a spacious hallway or illuminate the entire space of a small room. Ceiling chandeliers are especially popular today, which are built into false ceilings in the corridor. Equipped with LED lamps, such devices create excellent lighting in the hallway.

A wall chandelier or, as it is also called, a wall sconce can be used in the corridor along with ceiling lighting. With the help of such a wall lamp, you can successfully illuminate the area near the mirror, cabinet or shelf. In a spacious corridor, several of the same type of wall chandeliers will look great, which are placed along the walls, or in the corners of the room.

A hanging chandelier will look great in a spacious hallway with high ceilings. An excellent option for lighting the hallway can be a set of lamps, consisting of a pendant chandelier and wall sconces, made in the same style.

When choosing a chandelier for the hallway, remember that it must match the overall style of the room. In addition, pay attention to the light source itself. It is better to purchase a chandelier with energy-saving lamps that will help save your energy costs.


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