Chandelier in the bathroom on the ceiling

Chandelier in the bathroom - how to choose the best option for your bathroom?

The chandelier in the bathroom can become the main piece of furniture, giving the room a special flavor and personality. Its choice should be carried out taking into account safety requirements, take into account the quality of the material and compliance with the overall chosen style of the room.

Can you hang a chandelier in the bathroom?

Having taken all safety measures, choosing a waterproof chandelier for the bathroom, entrusting its installation to experienced electricians, you can safely decorate the interior of this room with it. The main rules to be followed are the following:

  1. Good ventilation in the room.
  2. Belonging of the lighting device to the first class of protection against electric current.
  3. Low power of the device (a good option is the presence of a power regulator).
  4. Maximum closed light bulbs.
  5. Moisture-resistant and anti-corrosion material used for manufacturing.
  6. The remote location of the chandelier (at a distance of 1.5-2 meters) from the water tap.

Bathroom design with chandelier

The selected chandelier in the bathroom performs both the main function, providing good lighting, and serves as an element of an elegant and original interior decor. The chandelier in the bathroom is selected according to the size of the room:

  1. For large bathrooms, where the ceiling height exceeds 2.8-3 meters, models of chandeliers of intricate configurations or crystal products with pendants are perfect.
  2. bathroom chandelier

  3. For small rooms where the ceilings are low, you should choose ceiling models, they will visually increase the dimensions of the bathroom.
  4. bathroom ceiling chandelier

If the dimensions of the bathroom are large, or you want to decorate this room with a luxurious and rich chandelier, then there can be two interior design options:

  1. Discreet decor in surface finishes so that all attention is directed to the chandelier.
  2. Correspondence of the chandelier to the rich «palace» decoration of the room.

Ceiling chandeliers are great for any room design, they save space, have a modern and stylish appearance. Choosing a transparent ceiling, you get bright lighting, stopping at a frosted or colored glass ceiling, corresponding to the interior design of the room, the flow of light will be soft, muffled.

Chandeliers in the bathroom on the ceiling

Ceiling chandelier for the bathroom allows you to evenly distribute the flow of light throughout the room, it is very convenient and practical. Thanks to the ceiling lighting, the room has a more comfortable appearance, and the presence of a power regulator on the lighting device, which allows you to reduce or increase the level of illumination, provides an opportunity to rest and relax while taking water procedures.

Multi-lamp chandeliers, decorated with decorative elements that combine different types of light bulbs (conventional, LED, halogen), can give a special luxury to the interior. For different design styles, different design solutions are suitable:

  1. For classics, Provence, Empire, Baroque — crystal chandeliers with gilding.
  2. crystal chandelier with gilding for bathroom

  3. Art Nouveau is characterized by products with the addition of porcelain or bronze.
  4. chandelier in modern bathroom

  5. For high-tech, it is worth using multi-level lamps-balls or chandeliers with modern LED elements.
  6. high-tech chandelier in the bathroom

  7. In a bathroom with a Scandinavian interior, designs in white are recommended, complemented by matte shades.
  8. Scandinavian bathroom chandelier

  9. The French interior requires chandeliers with candlesticks.
  10. french style bathroom chandelier

Bathroom sconce chandeliers

Chandelier in the bathroom in a classic style is common, and it is not necessarily made for the ceiling, wall sconces are a popular and modern option. The most convenient place to place them is the area near the mirror, washbasin or front door. Classic sconces are distinguished by symmetrical shapes, rich gilding or bronze finishes, imitation of candles, forged elements, and an abundance of light.

Wall lamps in a classic style are very diverse, so they are easy to combine with overhead lighting fixtures. This type of bathroom fixtures organically fits into a respectable interior, decorated in a stylish and tasteful way. The best option may be sets created in a single aesthetic and style design, which include ceiling, wall and floor lighting fixtures.

classic bathroom sconce

Bathroom chandeliers with stretch ceiling

Fixtures, which are equipped with stretch ceilings, have a number of technical and design features. The film used for the stretch ceiling tends to deform from excessive heating, so you need to choose waterproof chandeliers for the bathroom with downward-facing shades, in which light bulbs with low heat emission are installed.

Models with a missing metal base attached to the ceiling are considered the best, otherwise the tension material will suffer during the heating process. The mirror properties of glossy stretch films will reflect all the insides of the chandelier, so you should opt for a model in which the internal wiring is hidden. On stretch ceilings, the presence of a chandelier and spotlights is perfectly combined.

bathroom chandeliers with stretch ceiling

Crystal chandelier in the bathroom

Many people think that a crystal chandelier for the bathroom will be too much, but this is not so, the main thing is to choose the right model. A small and modest bathroom can be decorated with a crystal chandelier in a compact, minimalist style. In a spacious room, a luxurious model in the style of Gothic, Empire or Classic will become the highlight of the interior. One of the operating conditions is good ventilation in the room so that there are no traces of condensation on the crystal.

crystal chandelier in the bathroom

LED chandelier in the bathroom

LED bathroom chandeliers are becoming more and more popular due to their quality characteristics, modern design developments and constant improvement of technical parameters. An LED chandelier for a bathroom in a classic style or in any other style has a number of advantages regarding its use in this room:

  1. Functionality. Self-selection of the power of the luminous flux, which does not affect energy consumption.
  2. Safety. Due to the low voltage, the LEDs can be located close to the water.
  3. Profitability. Low consumption of energy resource.
  4. Durability. The use of resistant materials in relation to temperature and moisture, prolong the service life of the lamps.
  5. bathroom led chandelier

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