Ceiling wooden plinth

Ceiling wooden plinth

With the next renovation of the home, you really want to bring something new and beautiful to the interior. For example, to smooth out the hateful right angles between the walls and the ceiling with the help of a plinth. There are several materials for making them: the cheapest option is polystyrene, the more durable one is polystyrene foam and elite wood for a luxurious antique interior.

Advantages of wooden ceiling skirting boards

Unlike their synthetic counterparts, wooden skirting boards are more environmentally friendly. They not only do not emit harmful substances, but, on the contrary, enrich the air of the room with aromatic resins and phytoncides. And this has a very positive effect on the general well-being of the people living here.

From the aesthetic side of the issue, wood is the most aristocratic material, emphasizing the status of the owner. In combination with oak paneling or ceiling beams made of mahogany or its imitation, wooden skirting boards will look incomparable.

Wooden carved ceiling plinth in the interior

The modern construction market offers a large selection of beautiful ceiling plinths, including those made of wood. In addition to a purely aesthetic function and maintaining a given style of the room, with it you can successfully decorate the joints between the walls and the ceiling.

Depending on the height of the ceiling, you need to correctly determine the width and degree of decorativeness (the number of carved elements) of the ceiling plinth. Please note that a wide plinth will visually reduce the height of the room, so it can only be used where it does not harm the overall perception. If the ceilings are medium and low, it is better to choose thin and as simple as possible skirting boards.

As for the style of the room, in which it is advisable to use decoration with ceiling plinths, it can be a classic or English design. These aristocratic interiors will undoubtedly be decorated and complemented by elite wooden plinths.

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