Ceiling panels for interior decoration

Ceiling panels for interior decoration

Beautiful appearance, durability and practicality in the design of the room provide ceiling panels for interior decoration. Their use will allow you to hide all the irregularities and decorate the ceiling in a short time.

Varieties of panels for the ceiling

Foam ceiling panels — light, can have beautiful patterns, easy to install. Due to the variety of structures and the possibility of additional decoration, you can create a stylish decorative ceiling cheaply and quickly.

Plastic ceiling panels they are easy to clean, they are not afraid of moisture, so they are most often installed in the bathroom, in the corridor, on the balcony or in the kitchen. The light color and glossy surface of the plastic visually enlarge the room.

Aluminum ceiling panels have a smooth, corrugated, perforated surface or pattern. The most common types are modular, cassette and rack panels. The aluminum ceiling often has a chrome, glossy, mirror finish, imitation of gilding. Metal ceiling panels are most often used in rooms where it is necessary to hide the fire extinguishing system and provide good ventilation.

MDF ceiling panels covered with veneer, laminated film or paint. Laminated material is waterproof, can imitate stone, marble or wood texture. Veneer panels in appearance do not differ from the original wood.

Wooden ceiling panels very durable, they are covered with a protective varnish and retain their color and ornament for a long time. Depending on the design, lining, round timber, beams, slats can be used. Caissons made of natural wood have a beautiful carved ornament, give the room a uniqueness and respectability.

Ceiling panels have a rack, rectangular, square shape. slatted ceiling panels fixed to a solid frame using profiles and corners. The material of the rails is different — wood, plastic, metal, aluminum. In the ceiling between the rails, a gap of several millimeters may remain, or the material is fastened joint to joint.

Panels for interior decoration — the secret of a beautiful ceiling

Bathroom ceiling panels, first of all, must be waterproof, no deformation from increased condensate and temperature changes. For these purposes, plastic, foam, metal perforated panels, MDF with a special moisture-resistant film or mirror tiles are suitable.

Ceiling panels for the kitchen allow you to hide communications — cables, wiring, pipes. To give the design a modernity, you can mount spotlights in the ceiling, use a material that imitates any surface.

Decorative ceiling panels — a functional solution for today’s interior. From above, they have a coating with a pattern that completely imitates various textures — stone, tile, natural wood. The drawing can be with graceful borders, reliefs, frescoes and turn the ceiling into an original panel.

If the space needs to be visually enlarged, the right solution would be to install mirrored ceiling panels. Plates can have a matte surface, be decorated with a pattern, they are attached to a solid frame. The mirrored parts of the ceiling can be combined with other materials to create a coating that is unique in its beauty.

It will also help to transform and visually expand the space of the room. white ceiling panelespecially with a glossy texture.

Ceiling panels allow you to level the surface without additional plastering. A wide range of textures and colors will allow you to create a modern beautiful interior in any room.

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