Ceiling in the children’s room, design for a boy and a girl


ceiling in children's room

The room for kids is special in the house. Everything in it is arranged with maximum comfort, the atmosphere looks beautiful and original. The ceiling in the children’s room should fit the overall style of the interior, decorate it. To do this, you need to choose high-quality material and a beautiful design that will bring a positive mood into the room.

Ceiling decoration in the nursery

Renovation of apartments for a child involves a thorough study of the future interior, color scheme, lighting. When deciding which ceiling to make in the nursery, you need to choose a practical coating that will be safe during operation, will not accumulate dust and provide a beautiful design. There are many popular and modern finishes with which it is easy to create a themed interior that will delight residents with its originality and beauty.

Glossy ceiling in the nursery

The beautiful design of the room for the baby contributes to the active knowledge of the environment. Glossy stretch ceilings in the children’s room are a popular solution. They combine safety, practicality and original appearance. Film canvases are stretched around the entire perimeter, have unique reflective characteristics, increase the space of the room and beautifully reflect objects in the room and light reflections.

ceiling in children's room

The color of the material is selected depending on the interior design, a white film will make the room elegant, blue, pink will help to arrange a pleasant environment. The single-level design looks concise and stylish. You can decorate the ceiling in a modern children’s room with a beautiful chandelier or pick up a bright image on film. The actual solution will be the installation of a multi-level structure, along the perimeter of which plasterboard frames of the most bizarre shape are mounted.

ceiling in children's room

Star ceiling in the nursery

Stylish lighting gives a special beauty to the finish. Stretch ceilings in the children’s room «starry sky» are suitable for any age, are considered universal. The basis for them is a PVC film and sections of LED filaments that are connected to a generator and form shining dots on the surface. Unique effects create fantastic paintings on the canvas.

During the day, such a room looks quite ordinary, and at night real miracles begin in it. The brilliant overhead design will allow young dreamers to plunge into the abyss of twinkling stars, planets, cosmic galaxies, comets, gas clouds, the Milky Way or the signs of the Zodiac. Finishing will give the room fabulousness, mystery, help the guys find themselves in an atmosphere of magic.

ceiling in children's room

Stretch ceilings with a pattern for a nursery

Properly selected decoration of the surface, on which the gaze of the baby lying in bed is directed, contributes to the formation of his aesthetic preferences. A great idea is to apply photo printing on a film, stretch ceilings for a nursery with a digital image can be selected to decorate a child’s room of any age. The choice of composition also depends on the gender of the inhabitant. You can use a photo of the baby, parents, landscapes, favorite pictures.

ceiling in children's room

For the little ones, canvases with prints depicting favorite cartoon characters, characters from fairy tales are ideal. Schoolchildren will like materials with the reproduction of clouds, maps, planets, beautiful nature, animals. For teenagers, you can pick up more serious and concise drawings and photographs, ornaments, inscriptions, romantic compositions.

ceiling in children's room

Plasterboard ceiling in the nursery

Suspended structures provide great opportunities for design. Two-level plasterboard ceilings in the nursery allow you to realize the most daring creative ideas. From them you can make large flowers, rainbows, hearts, waves, clouds, abstraction, geometric patterns. Canvases with drawings are placed in the drywall recesses, due to this a beautiful design is created. Using this technique, it is easy to divide a room into zones — a playroom and a bedroom. Spotlights, neon ribbons will help transform the interior.

ceiling in children's room

Ceiling in the nursery with lighting

Beautiful design elements help to relax before going to bed and decorate the interior. Suspended ceiling in the children’s room using secret lighting is an original idea. This solution is practical, it allows you not to turn on the overhead light, using only soft diffused light to create a cozy twilight. Neon ribbons can be installed around the perimeter of the room, decorate individual elements of a multi-level structure with them, use different shades, and adjust the intensity.

Fluorescent stars, which can be placed under the stretch fabrics, will delight the baby with their twinkling. For each zone in the room, it is important to use several spotlights. In addition to the spectacular appearance, decorative lighting will contribute to the peace of mind of the baby, relieve him of night fears.

ceiling in children's room

Children’s wallpaper on the ceiling

There are simple and budget options for decorating a room. In order not to spend significant funds on cladding, you can decorate the ceiling in the children’s room using wallpaper. With their help, it is easy to make repairs, having previously leveled the surface, and the interior is quickly updated in a few years, since in the future the tastes of the child will change. As a material, you can use canvases with photo prints, funny pictures in the form of stars, butterflies, flowers, ships. On a plain material, you can apply unique paintings using paints and stencils.

ceiling in children's room

Combined ceilings in the nursery

Often, a design project involves the creation of a multi-level structure, a real masterpiece on the surface. A good option for a room is to use a multi-layer ceiling, in which plasterboard sheets are combined with stretch sheets. Interesting ideas for the ceiling in the nursery — the creation of beautiful thematic figures on the surface, in the niches formed, you can use a glossy canvas, plain or with a pattern.

The original solution is a surface finish stylized as water bubbles. They are created by combining matte and glossy film. It is easy to create a river flowing right on the surface, a heart with flickering highlights, a sun with rays from drywall and backlit canvas from LED strips. Such masterpieces look voluminous and colorful. You can decorate the design with hanging figurines on threads — birds, angels, butterflies.

ceiling in children's room

Ceiling design in the children’s room

When designing a room, special attention is paid to the personal preferences of the child. When deciding how to decorate a children’s ceiling, you need to take into account the design and style of the room, the gender and age of its inhabitant. The choice of shades, contrasts used and orientation in the design of the room depends on this. In any case, for design, you need to apply non-boring, unique solutions, show creativity in order to keep the child always interested in living in such a room.

Ceiling in the children’s room for a boy

For future men, the design is done in moderate dignified colors. The color of the ceiling in the children’s room for a boy is recommended to choose green, warm brown, blue, blue, white or beige. Depending on the interests of the child, you can recreate the depths of the ocean on the plane, the expanses of space, pictures of nature, flying planes, use images of your favorite cartoon characters, movie posters. It is appropriate to decorate a nautical-style room with a blue-and-white surface depicting a wind rose or a compass.

ceiling in children's room

A small discoverer will appreciate the plane, designed in the form of a map of the world, a galaxy, a meteor shower. Above the bed area, you can arrange a fabulous shimmering «starry sky». A great idea is to attach real boy toys to the structure — airplanes, spaceships, you can complement the design with a large chandelier with a fan in the form of blades, or a stylish ball stylized as a globe or ball.

ceiling in children's room

Ceiling design in the nursery for a girl

Traditionally, a room for a young lady is decorated in pink, white, purple, green colors. Such an environment sets the princess in a dreamy mood and creates a romantic atmosphere. Stretch ceilings in the nursery for the girl should be a continuation of the thematic interior. Pink clouds, flower meadows, bright polka dot print, colorful confetti, butterflies, dragonflies, bows will be relevant on them. The multi-level design helps to create beautiful figures on the plane.

ceiling in children's room

You can decorate a room with a huge chamomile, a cheerful sun or a crescent moon, swans or birds. Flowers and hearts in different variations and bright colors with a combination of glossy and matte multi-level surfaces are the most popular option for decorating a girl’s room. Above the bed area, you can make a lower figured tier, decorate it with a hanging canopy made of airy tulle to match the interior.

ceiling in children's room

A beautiful ceiling in the children’s room will help create a unique, memorable design in the room and will contribute to the harmonious development of the child. Competent selection of colors, a combination of shades, the use of modern materials will help to design a stylish, memorable interior. In such a room, the baby will be happy to play, study and make friends. After all, his apartment is his own little world in which the formation of a future personality takes place, a competent design should contribute to this in every possible way.


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