Ceiling chandeliers for low ceilings

Ceiling chandeliers for low ceilings

Low ceilings in an apartment or house are a real problem when trying to create a beautiful and harmonious interior design. So that the room does not seem even more flattened, it is important to correctly select ceiling chandeliers for low ceilings. And the main selection criteria are the length of the pendant, the number of light elements, as well as the shape and length of the lamp body itself.

How to choose a chandelier for a low ceiling?

If we need a chandelier in a living room with a low ceiling, we don’t even need to look at options with convex and hanging elements, as they will “eat up” a considerable share of the available space.

If the style of the interior living room — modern or art deco, ceiling sconces are ideal. Well, if you need a chandelier for low ceilings in the classic style, you can not do without the traditional «spider» with rounded shades. It’s just that these shades should be smaller, and the design itself should be as compact as possible.

For bedrooms with a low ceiling, chandeliers in the style of «floristry» are suitable, the shades of which imitate the buds of snowdrops, bluebells, forget-me-nots and other delicate flowers. It is also possible the option of pressed ceiling chandeliers without any pendants or plafonds of strict elongated shapes.

If speak about kitchen, then we need the brightest possible lighting. Chandeliers with a mirrored top are ideal in this case; they will make a kitchen with low ceilings visually larger and more spacious due to the reflected light. Especially if bright lights are used. Or it can be ceiling spotlights in different areas of the kitchen for their uniform illumination.

So, suitable models of chandeliers for low ceilings in a wooden house or Khrushchev apartment:

  • compact classic lamps with shades;
  • ceiling sconces;
  • ceiling chandeliers with mirror elements;
  • Spotlights.

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