Ceiling baguette for stretch ceilings

Ceiling baguette for stretch ceilings

A ceiling baguette for stretch ceilings is, in fact, a profile frame. Its function is to fix and uniformly tension the ceiling material (fabric, PVC film).

Types of baguettes for stretch ceilings

Profiles (baguettes) are produced in several configurations, and are divided into harpoon, clip-on and glazing beads.

The harpoon profile is most often used when installing film ceilings. It got its name because of the similarity of the configuration with a fishing harpoon. It should be noted that harpoon baguettes for stretch ceilings can be both ceiling and wall. As a rule, wall baguettes are used when it is planned to install a built-in spotlight on a stretch ceiling.

For fabric stretch ceilings, either bead or clip-on baguettes are used. In the first version, the canvas is inserted into the baguette connector and fixed with a glazing bead by wedging. In the second version, the stretched canvas is inserted with a spatula into the slot of the tube — clips. Clip-on baguettes, like harpoon-type baguettes, can also be both ceiling and wall (the profiles are fixed, respectively, either to the ceiling or to the wall).

But according to the material of manufacture, baguettes for stretch ceilings can be divided into aluminum and plastic. Baguettes of harpoon and bead type can be either aluminum or plastic, but clip-on baguettes, as a more modern design, are made only of especially durable plastic (or rather, PVC). Both aluminum baguettes and PVC baguettes for stretch ceilings have similar performance indicators. That’s just a frame structure made of plastic profiles is much lighter than aluminum, and the price indicator plays a role (plastic baguettes are cheaper than aluminum ones).

Another indicator by which baguettes are divided into types is the visibility or invisibility of the profile below the edge of the installed stretch ceiling canvas. It is invisible baguettes for stretch ceilings that allow you to beat the curved sections of the ceiling.

For the installation of stretch ceilings, the final stage is the installation of decorative moldings made of foam, imitating stucco molding, or from other materials. They are simply glued to the wall, but in no case to the stretch fabric itself.

Soaring stretch ceilings

For a new type of stretch ceilings, the so-called floating ceilings, a specific profile (baguette) design is used, which allows the entire baguette base (frame) to be hidden behind a stretched canvas, plus LED lighting is used. Thus, it seems that the ceiling just hangs (floats) in the air, without touching the walls at all.

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