Carpet in the hallway

Carpet in the hallway

Before deciding which carpet to lay in the hallway, it should be noted that the traffic in this area is quite large. Based on practical considerations, the carpet on the floor in the hallway should be selected wear-resistant, preferably from artificial material.

The carpet in the interior of the hallway should decorate and complement the overall appearance of the room, because the hallway in any house is an important area — it makes an initial impression on people who come to the house. It is better to choose a carpet in the hallway with a low pile, it will better retain dirt and at the same time it is easier to clean. The design of carpets in the hallway should be chosen in accordance with the overall interior of the room, but for reasons of practicality, it is better to pay attention to dark colors and small patterns, dirt and various debris are less visible on them.

round carpet

Some owners do not want to cover the entire hallway with a carpet so as not to cover the entire floor, made of beautiful finishing materials. Then it would be a very rational decision to lay a round carpet in the hallway — on the one hand, it will close the most passable part of the hallway and keep expensive finishing materials on the floor, and on the other hand, it will complement the interior and give softness and comfort to the room.

Rubber carpet

A very correct decision would be to purchase a rubber-based carpet in the hallway. Such a carpet is characterized by increased moisture resistance, which is an important factor, especially in rainy weather.

Another positive quality of such a carpet is its anti-slip effect. This is also very important, because the floor in the hallway is often made of tile or marble tiles, laminate, and a carpet without a rubber base can slide on it. Often such carpets are treated with special compounds that protect the pile from severe pollution.

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