Budget finds: 10 wonder things from AliExpress for storing and organizing shoes

one Bag with divider (452 ​​rubles)

Compact organizer for storing summer or indoor shoes — 12 pairs fit inside! It will be possible to hide shoes until the next season in the closet or under the bed.

Divider bag

2 Hanger for slippers (170 rubles)

Who is not familiar with the problem of slippers forever scattered around the hallway? With such a device that is attached to the wall, the problem will be solved forever.

Slipper hanger

3 Stand for shoes (117 rubles)

This holder is useful for organizing the storage of shoes in the hallway or dressing room: it will save space and the couple will always be together.

Shoe rack

four Plastic boxes (163 rubles)

We have repeatedly advised to store shoes in signed or transparent boxes. These fit perfectly! There are four colors to choose from: yellow, purple, white and pink.

plastic boxes

5 Portable organizer (464 rubles)

In such a bag you can store shoes at home, although transporting them is much more convenient! It has an additional pocket, which also fits flip flops.

Portable organizer

6 Hanger for boots (414 rubles)

To keep the tops of boots and half boots from wrinkling, you need to store such shoes on a hanger.

Boot hanger

7 Shoe bags (81 rubles)

Bags with a stylish design can be adapted not only for storage, but also for carrying replacement shoes. Comfortable!

Shoe bags

eight Shelving made of cardboard boxes (133 rubles)

How do you like this idea? From these cardboard boxes with transparent inserts, you can build a whole rack for shoes (and not only for them!).

Cardboard box rack

9 Whatnot (166 rubles)

But a more traditional option for storing shoes in the hallway. This particular bookcase attracted us with its low price and the fact that you can always add new shelves to it.


ten Hanger for drying shoes (98 rubles)

This hanger is designed for drying shoes, but you can easily adapt it for storage in a closet on a rod. You can even make a vertical storage system — devices are attached to one another.

Shoes drying rack

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