brown wallpaper


brown wallpaper

Solid brown wallpaper is sometimes associated with gloomy tones, but this opinion is not entirely correct. Brown is actually a very deep color with great design potential. Wallpaper with a brown pattern can be harmoniously used in the interior, especially since they are suitable for any style. It should be borne in mind that brown wallpapers will visually make the room smaller in size, so it is undesirable to use them in small rooms, as well as in children’s rooms.

A room in which the walls are decorated with wallpaper in brown tones should have good natural or additional lighting, otherwise only one of the walls can be pasted over with brown wallpaper.

Using brown wallpaper in different rooms

A room that uses a combination of brown wallpaper with a white pattern and snow-white furniture looks very attractive and stylish. Especially beautiful brown wallpaper, chocolate hue, with a light pattern on them look in a bedroom with light furniture. Against the background of brown-white walls, white frames, doors and, of course, the ceiling should be white.

The combination of brown wallpaper with orange and red also looks spectacular, it will create a strong psychological charge that helps restore strength and allows you to quickly restore energy. This combination of brown wallpaper with bright colors can be used in the living room. Brown striped wallpaper will also look great in the living room, especially if gold is added to them. They can be glued to the middle of the wall, and above, use plain wallpaper in gold tones or beige. Brown color in the interior of the living room will make this room noble and sophisticated.

Brown wallpaper in the hallway, especially in combination with a beige, pink or orange tone, will be a good choice. Brown color, for wall decoration in the hallway, is very practical, and lighter additional shades will somewhat refresh and add some charm to the room. The more light tones are added to the brown, the more spacious the room will appear.

Wallpaper for the kitchen in brown tones is a good choice. The main thing is that the color should not be too dark. The combination of light brown wallpaper in the kitchen with dark furniture facades looks great.

The use of dark chocolate brown tones in the rooms will make them luxurious and their appearance expensive.


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