brown curtains

The noble brown color is so rich in shades that you can fit brown curtains into rooms that are very different in style. In any case, it will bring novelty and eccentricity, refresh the atmosphere, give a touch of splendor and chic.

Brown curtains in the interior

Most often, brown curtains are hung in the living room. It is in this room that family celebrations, receptions, quiet evenings with relatives and friends take place. Saturated dark brown tones are perfectly combined with pieces of furniture. It is desirable to finish the walls with plain wallpaper in order to expand the space through contrast, to create a feeling of spaciousness and volume.

Choosing brown curtains for the bedroom, you subconsciously strive to create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. Dark brown will be more than appropriate in a room where you need to curtain the windows and create twilight, conducive to good rest and sleep. To match the curtains, you can purchase a brown cape for the bed, a floor lamp or wooden bedside tables, varnished.

In the kitchen, brown curtains are preferably made as compact as possible. For example, it can be bamboo blinds or small brown Roman blinds. No need to clutter up the window opening with a lot of dark textiles, so as not to visually reduce the already small space.

Brown curtains for the bathroom are appropriate if the room is made in beige or light brown tones. A dense curtain of a noble color, blocking a bath or shower, will look strict and modern.

What curtains to choose?

There can be an infinite number of options for brown curtains — they can be plain, with patterns combined with other colors, light and darker.

In shape, they can be classic straight, with lambrequins, shortened. The fabric can be heavy and dense or light and airy.

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