bright living room


bright living room

The central place of the apartment, where guests are welcomed and all family members have a rest, is the living room. This room should be comfortable, comfortable and spacious. The best way to achieve harmony is to decorate the living room in light neutral colors.

Living room design in bright colors

The most luxurious option for the interior of a living room in bright colors remains the classic style. The sophistication of this style has been polished over the years and will never go out of style. Furniture and flooring in the classic living room is made of natural wood. Curtains, upholstery or pillows are made of expensive fabrics — satin, brocade, velvet, silk. Neutral pastel, beige colors go well with classic style. Such a living room is characterized by the use of gilding, stucco on the ceiling or walls, columns, crystal and carved furniture with exquisite curves.

Under the luxurious interior of a bright living room, the option of a room with a fireplace is perfect. It can be finished with marble, stucco or light-colored slabs. In combination with upholstered comfortable furniture and a coffee table, you get a cozy and comfortable seating area.

A large living room, decorated in bright colors, will look majestic and sophisticated. Paired with a creamy sofa, vinyl curtains and crisp white cabinets, you get a modern interior.

The light tone of the living room is suitable for any size room, and especially for a small one. A light palette makes the room visually more spacious and is an excellent backdrop for using accents — paintings, curtains, accessories.

The most common option is to combine the living room and kitchen. The interior of the living room combined with the kitchen can be decorated in bright colors using zoning. Separation, as a rule, is carried out using a multi-level ceiling or floor, bar counter, arches or openwork partitions.

The decor in the bright living room is complemented by chandeliers, wall lamps, paintings, draped with original curtains. The interior of the room in a light color will always look profitable, such a room will bring real pleasure to its owners.


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