Boy’s bedroom

From birth to the end of adolescence, a boy’s bedroom will be his special world, a place for dreams and fantasies, games, activities, friendship, relaxation. Therefore, it is extremely important that it be individual and functional.

The room grows with the occupant

Bedroom for newborn boys — this is a corner of sleep, a quiet pastime with mom, the first acquaintance with the world. Everything in the room should create an atmosphere of calm and tranquility.

Bedroom for a boy 3 years old can already become thematic. A pirate ship, a racing track, a football field — the choice depends on what the kid really likes. Very often at this age, the boy’s bedroom is made in a marine style. And no wonder, because the boys like to fantasize, imagine themselves as fearless captains.

Bedroom for a schoolboy already complemented by the working area and becomes a little more strict. Cartoon elements remain, but take on a calmer outline. Now the child in the bedroom not only sleeps and plays, but also focuses on difficult lessons. Nothing should interfere with this. Very handy will be a bedroom for a boy in a classic style.

Bedroom for a teenage boy – this is already a matter of choice of the boy himself. His own taste and vision of the world is fully formed in him, so let him actively participate in choosing the interior for his room.

If the boy is not alone?

Often the bedroom becomes a habitat for two boys. In this case, all the necessary furnishings must be multiplied by two and arranged in such a way that the children have enough space for their indefatigable games. Bunk beds, loft beds and other multifunctional pieces of furniture become salvation. At the same time, the design of a bedroom for two boys of different ages may differ slightly from a room for twins.

Well, if your family has more than two tomboys, and you need to equip a bedroom for three boys, its area should be sufficient to comfortably accommodate everything you need.

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