blue living room

blue living room

Blue color is quite rare in our homes, since it is relatively difficult to make friends with other shades. The difficulty lies not so much in the choice of companion colors as in the ability to choose a harmonious ratio of shades. Designers only use blue walls or furniture finishes in the living room, it doesn’t matter. It is more important to find the very shade of blue that will create a mood in the house.

Blue living room interior

So, let’s start with the fact that the living room in blue tones is designed according to the basic principle: cold to cold, warm to warm. First, you decide which shade of blue you like best, and only then we begin the selection of the rest of the filling of the room.

  1. For a person with an active lifestyle, the dynamics in the interior only add strength. For such a person, a blue living room with warm shades of orange and yellow is suitable. If you take more diluted, not so saturated shades, then even the modest size of the room is not a hindrance.
  2. The blue color looks noble and elegant if it is diluted in the interior of the living room with shades of white. This color scheme is typical for styles like Provence and Shabby Chic, where harmony and grace reign.
  3. The blue color paired with shades of brown in the interior of the living room will play in a completely different way. This is a traditional, classic color tandem. Don’t limit yourself to just dark and warm shades of brown, try beige, taupe.
  4. A living room in blue tones can become a small sea harbor. It is enough to take as a basis the classic trio of blue, red and white. Again, the dynamics of color requires a sufficient number of square meters, as well as good natural light.
  5. The blue design of the living room can also become a quiet house on the shore. Usually this effect is achieved by adding a gray tint. One thing is important to consider here: to design a blue living room in this direction, only pure, undiluted shades of gray and blue are needed.

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