blue curtains


blue curtains

The blue color, with the correct interpretation, can bring a piece of tranquility, peace and freedom into the interior. No need to assume that the blue color for curtains is bad taste. Curtains of this color visually expand the space, are great for many modern styles and small spaces, stimulate creative endeavors and create an atmosphere of hospitality and celebration.

Blue curtains in the interior

In the interior of different rooms, blue curtains will look completely different. With their help, you can emphasize and highlight stylistic ideas, create the necessary atmosphere, mask the flaws in the layout. In addition, blue goes well with many colors in the interior.

Blue curtains for the bedroom are perfect, because this room is designed for relaxation, and blue and blue colors only contribute to physical and psychological relaxation. Blue suppresses aggression, which is worth considering when choosing blue curtains for a nursery.

Blue curtains in the kitchen are undesirable when you do not need to artificially suppress your appetite. As you know, cold shades do not contribute to a good appetite. In extreme cases, you can use light curtains of a pale blue hue, both plain and with patterns.

Blue curtains in the living room are relaxing, conducive to peaceful communication. You can add shades of green to the base color. It doesn’t matter if the living room is made in bed or rich colors, with blue curtains the atmosphere will be calm and harmonious.

The blue bathroom curtain is a classic of the genre. Since this color is associated with water, and in this room this element is dominant, the whole decor can be done in blue and blue tones. And if the bathroom has a window, then you can hang textiles of a similar style on it as the rest of the room.


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