Black floor tiles

Black floor tiles

If you are an adherent of extraordinary solutions in the design of the room, then you should pay attention to black floor tiles. With a successful combination of color shades, you can achieve an excellent effect in both small and spacious rooms.

The most successful floor looks, decorated with black tiles in combination with white or cream. However, not everyone likes too contrasting colors. Therefore, black floor tiles should be used very metered.

Black bathroom floor tiles

In the bathroom, black tiles can be laid in stripes, which will contribute to the visual expansion of the space of this room. The flooring looks great in the form of ceramic tiles, laid in the shape of a herringbone or staggered.

To soften a too contrasting interior against the background of black floor tiles, various decorative inserts and borders can be used, which will look especially beautiful in a spacious bathroom. In this case, a certain balance must be observed between the color of the flooring, plumbing and furniture in the bathroom.

Black bathroom floor tiles can be glossy or matte. You can choose the design of black floor tiles with gold or with imitation marble.

Black floor tiles in the interior of the kitchen

In the kitchen, black floor tiles, combined with light-colored furniture and bright accessories, can make the interior more solemn and luxurious. This cover is comfortable and practical. Matte black tiles with a scratched effect will perfectly harmonize with a countertop made of natural or artificial stone. The contrasting grout between the black tiles on the floor in the kitchen will look original.

You can use black tiles in a modern high-tech style. This floor design in the kitchen is also suitable for the Baroque style, but it is better to use tiles with a pattern.

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