black ceiling

black ceiling

For almost each of us, there are a number of canons that we carefully observe. For example? The color of the ceiling should be as light as possible — this is one of the clearest examples of the prevailing stereotypes in the views of the world around us. And why not move away from stereotypes and make the ceiling, for example, black? Moreover, many designers successfully use this color in the design of various interior objects, including ceilings, while creating interiors of amazing beauty and sophistication.

Black ceiling in the interior

You can decorate a black ceiling in almost any room. True, it should be noted that this is an absolutely unacceptable option for rooms with low ceilings. A few words about the technical side of the issue. A black ceiling can be «created» by painting the ceiling space with black water-based paint or wallpapering (as an option — with panels). However, the most presentable and spectacular will look like a black stretch ceiling — stretch ceilings. Moreover, options for such ceilings are possible — matte or glossy. For example, a black matte ceiling will give the interior a more austere look. While the black glossy ceiling, due to its reflective ability, will help to visually enlarge the space and fill the atmosphere with mystery and some intimacy. Therefore, the black glossy ceiling will fit perfectly, for example, into the interior of a bedroom. In a bedroom with such a ceiling, you can experiment with lighting options: spotlights will create the illusion of a starry sky, and the play of glare from an elegant chandelier, on the contrary, will create a magnificent light effect.

The black ceiling in the hall will look great when decorating this room in one of the modern urban styles, where the monochrome combination of colors (in this case, black and white) is most often used. And so that such an interior does not look dull and depressing, it is supplemented with bright details — paintings, textiles, a chandelier.

When decorating a black ceiling in the kitchen, keep in mind that in this case, the interior is created without any frills — only the severity and clarity of lines.

Effectively, with a special charm, the ceiling, decorated with a black glossy stretch fabric, will look in the bathroom. Especially if you place recessed lamps with a cold white glow on the ceiling in the form of an original composition and pick up white plumbing.

But in the hallway, a black ceiling would be appropriate only if it is spacious enough.

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