Black and white wallpaper

Black and white wallpaper

Black and white wallpaper is increasingly being used for interior decoration. Indeed, this most contrasting combination looks at the same time strict, stylish and modern. What appearance your room will take after the repair depends on the balance of black and white in the wallpaper pattern, on which of these colors will prevail.

Black wallpaper with white pattern

Perhaps the most difficult combination, although one cannot argue, such wallpapers look unusually stylish. If the option you like is dominated by black, then you need to carefully consider what size your room has, what furniture is in it. After all, in order to balance such walls, you need to try, otherwise there is a risk of getting an oppressive and depressing environment.

Most often, black and white wallpapers are used in living rooms, which boast a fairly large size. A large amount of black in the picture is balanced by light furniture or the ceiling, as well as other elements of the room decoration. Also, such contrasting wallpapers can be used in offices.

Another way to use black and white wallpaper in a room is to pair it with a companion wallpaper in a lighter shade. In this case, one wall or half of all the walls in the room, covered with wallpaper with a predominance of black, will be balanced by other, lighter parts of the finish, which will negate the pressing and negative effect.

Finally, the last option in which wallpaper with a predominance of black will look advantageous is bright, good lighting. In this case, the patterns on the walls will not be perceived as wallpaper, but will become one beautiful large picture that comes to the fore and becomes the main element of the room’s decor.

White wallpaper with black pattern

Applying such wallpaper is much easier. It is suitable for decoration of any premises. Even in the bedroom, such black and white wallpapers will look appropriate. For small rooms, it is better to choose wallpaper with a small black pattern, but if the room is large enough, then you can experiment with large-sized patterns. In black and white, any patterns, even seemingly far from the concept of «style», look extraordinarily appropriate. So, a variety of floral ornaments and flowers look beautiful. White wallpaper with a black pattern can be a great backdrop for bright interior and decor items, rare, intricate gizmos. Furniture at the same time can be both light and dark. Such options look good even in the interior of the hallway, which usually does not differ in large sizes and good lighting.

Equal amounts of black and white

The design of black and white wallpaper, in which the colors are used approximately equally, is the rarest. The most famous version of such wallpaper is a black and white stripe. However, you can find similar wallpapers with floral prints, patterns that resemble lace or photographs of famous places.

It is better to use a similar version of the wallpaper in doses, since white and black in equal proportions can create a feeling of ripples in the eyes. It is good to paste only one wall in the room with such wallpaper or use them to highlight certain sections of the walls. In fact, any ways to use such wallpapers as companions will do. Such wallpapers will be an excellent ending if you want to choose a second option for gray wallpaper.

This type of wallpaper is also closely adjacent to various photo wallpapers, which are made in black and white shooting mode. Despite the minimum color, they look very bright and expressive in the interior, and the details on them often look even more prominent than on realistic wall murals with color photographs.

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