Bedroom in the style of minimalism — interior design


Bedroom in the style of minimalism

The modesty of the oriental way of furnishing and the modernity of the European way of looking at things became the starting point of a new concept for creating an interior. Simplicity and lightness, functionality and conciseness have merged into one whole, pleasing to the eye and thought out to the smallest detail.

Bedroom design minimalism

For a successful result, you will have to learn the basic principles of work, because the interior of a bedroom in the style of minimalism only looks simple. When you stand in a room, the eye should not «stumble» on furniture or decor items. This led to the advantage of low laconic furniture, built-in wardrobes, as well as the use of niches. For this direction, the size of the room is not at all important, what is important is the free space and the feeling of air in the room.

Curtains in the bedroom in the style of minimalism

The windows in such a bedroom are not just large, they are not covered with partitions or colorful curtains. The ideal solution would be curtains characteristic of the eastern direction: straight translucent canvases, devoid of ruffles and folds. The design of the bedroom in the style of minimalism allows for natural fabrics, without a pronounced pattern and in pastel, diluted colors. Linen, cotton, transparent materials should not be gathered into chaotic folds, they cannot lie on the floor.

Designers recommend choosing two colors from the general content and using them to decorate the window. The minimalist direction does not tolerate an abundance of patterns and bright colors, but geometry and blurry fantasy stains are acceptable. Vertical textile blinds or Roman blinds will fit harmoniously into the overall style. A plasterboard ceiling and a hidden cornice in such an interior would be appropriate.

Bedroom in the style of minimalismBedroom in the style of minimalismBedroom in the style of minimalism

Bedroom furniture minimalism

The main rule is that from any corner of the room, the whole space is open to our eyes. Therefore, a low bed without a headboard at all, or with a low rectangular one, can be in the Japanese style. A podium instead of a traditional bed will be a winning solution. Remember that a high-tech or minimalist bedroom is necessarily thought out and functional; you can fit a lot of drawers and shelves on the podium.

A minimalist bedroom is not complete without other pieces of furniture:

  • the cabinet merges with the wall, it is made in the same colors (compartment system with mirrors or glass inserts, it can be a regular cabinet with hinged doors, but always on the entire wall and under the ceiling);
  • Bedroom in the style of minimalism

  • the workplace may well be in the bedroom in a minimalist style, if it is arranged in a closet and closed with doors or partitions for the rest;
  • Bedroom in the style of minimalism

  • a chest of drawers or a dressing table is not much different from a closet — it stores all accessories in its drawers with laconic facades, a mirror is hung on the wall, it is not framed if possible.
  • Bedroom in the style of minimalism

Chandeliers in the style of minimalism for the bedroom

The lighting in the room, including the bedroom, should be uniform. The central traditional is used extremely rarely. The interior design of the bedroom in the style of minimalism in the matter of lighting remains true to the principle of free space and unobstructedness. We use light panels mounted in the ceiling and walls. Spotlights, LED strips are no less a good option. If you really want to hang a traditional lamp, you can search among the offers from the lines with this direction. The luminous flux itself is preferably chosen closer to cold white.

Bedroom in the style of minimalismBedroom in the style of minimalismBedroom in the style of minimalism

Bedroom interior minimalism

All the characteristics listed above must be combined into one. To do this, the first step is to choose a starting point, because the bedroom minimalism is just a modified version of one of the directions. You can create an interior based on the Japanese style, modern and high-tech are suitable. In rare cases, even the classics or baroque can be presented in a minimalist way.

Small minimalist bedroom

When you decide on the starting point, the picture will develop by itself. Almost all the characteristic features of any interior can be simplified and refined in order to achieve the desired effect. As a result, the white bedroom minimalism takes on the character:

  1. Choosing a Japanese design, we prefer a low catwalk bed and the presence of light colors of natural materials. In a minimalist bedroom, lighting under the bed will be in place. A bleached solid oak, light shades of stone, natural light fabrics, a couple of decorative touches in the form of typical Japanese wall decorations will do.
  2. Bedroom in the style of minimalism

  3. Wooden furniture from the classical direction with some modifications is quite suitable for creating a minimalist interior. The parquet floor can be laid out in a classic herringbone pattern, provided that the shade is neutral and the color smoothly transitions to the furniture.
  4. Bedroom in the style of minimalism

  5. If we take high-tech as a basis, wood and stone will replace glass and plastic, the design of the room will acquire somewhat strict features, and the effect of coolness will appear.
  6. Bedroom in the style of minimalism

A white minimalist bedroom cannot do without companion shades. It is recommended to take two opposite approaches as a basis: two pastel base colors and one contrasting for small details, or one dynamic for large elements of the room, the rest of the filling will be shaded by pastel colors. The choice depends on the size of the room and the desired effect.

Living room-bedroom in the style of minimalism

Recreating minimalism in the bedroom-living room is a more difficult task. However, this does not at all prevent using the division of space in the literal sense with the help of partitions or cabinets. Since we have agreed with the principle «nothing gets in the way», which prevents us from using all sorts of screens and compartment systems. Everything remains in place, and we try to use furniture that matches the tone of the walls so that it merges and does not interfere. In this embodiment, it is convenient to hide the bed in a wall or podium.

Bedroom in the style of minimalism

As a result, working on the interior of a bright bedroom in the style of minimalism is not much different. Only the need to hide the sleeping place is added or to use folding sofas and armchairs as an alternative. If the size of the room allows you to fence off the corner for the bed, it can be hidden behind the sliding compartment system, glass panels with a pattern will do.

Bedroom in the style of minimalismBedroom in the style of minimalismBedroom in the style of minimalism

The bedroom will definitely be cozy and spacious, because it is not necessary to go to extremes and follow the advice of stylists literally. Instead of boiling white, we use warm shades of coffee with milk or powdery with pink, and dilute bright black with gray a little.


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