country style bedroom

Whether it’s a country-style kitchen, living room or bedroom within a city apartment, the styling has the power to immerse modern residents in rural life with its fields of flowers, fresh air and tranquility. Rustic furnishings and décor are perfect to brighten up any room and even the whole house. The recreated atmosphere is able to protect from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Bedroom interior in country style

The charm of old furniture with a touch of patina, accessories in the form of embroidered floral pillowcases or lace towels will create the perfect composition. Among the typical materials used to decorate a country house:

  • stone;
  • vine;
  • rattan;
  • wood;
  • leather;
  • ceramics;
  • cotton.

bedroom in country style2

With their help, it is possible to create a simple, no-frills decoration. The country bedroom involves covering the walls and floor with wood or terracotta tiles. The right atmosphere will be created by natural materials and natural colors:

  • white;
  • pink;
  • cream;
  • brown;
  • olive green.

bedroom in country style3

Small bedroom in country style

If the room is not very generous in terms of square meters and there are problems with storage space, then the solution lies in functional furniture, which must be divided into zones. A small bedroom with a country-style sofa can serve not only as a place to sleep, but also reliably hide bedding during the day. The bedside table is replaced by a hanging shelf integrated into the headboard or into the wall. She will fulfill her task of providing comfort to lovers of reading just before bedtime and will not take up space on the floor.

In addition to optimizing space, there are other tricks that will make the room visually more spacious. Opt for white wall and ceiling paint and get rid of knick-knacks that steal precious floor space. The open shelves integrated around the headboard can serve as a place to store extra blankets and pillows that will show off their decorative pieces, working to decorate the room in a rustic style. You can also free up space with custom-made furniture with a precise configuration of a custom location.

bedroom in country style4

Bedroom in the attic in country style

If you have free space under the roof and want to create a beautiful country bedroom design, then the best solution is to optimize every corner. To visually expand the space, good lighting is necessary, which can be achieved thanks to large windows on the roof. The attic will turn the bedroom into a real oasis of softness and tranquility, which will be emphasized by ethnic motifs of assorted boho-style bedding and fluffy rugs.

In order not to occupy the entire attic with furniture, you can do it yourself or order open shelves where you can place various boxes, baskets and chests for storing items. To make the attic a cozy nest, you can upholster the walls and make the head of the bed from recycled wood using the patchwork quilt technique. In addition, wood is a versatile material for creating an artistic effect.

country style bedroom

Bedroom decoration in country style

The rustic way has always provided ideas for furnishing and decorating the home. The pursuit of natural comfortable living and the use of sustainable materials define the design of the country-style bedroom and en-suite bathroom. The rural way of life is reminiscent of nature, tradition and well-being. Adherents of the direction have more freedom of maneuver. You can furnish the bedroom in a modern way depending on your own taste and decorate with country accessories to get a rustic and modern interior at the same time.

country style bedroom

Country style bedroom furniture

Use country-style bedroom furniture in light wood and bring it together with items used in the countryside in times gone by. Antiques, wicker baskets and forged handles for doors and furniture are comfortable and decorative. Natural wood furniture has a unique appearance, modest and majestic. Seemingly extremely warm items are durable and stable. Combined with the right accessories, they will create an atmosphere that cannot be achieved by other means.

There are many variations in rustic style, but they are all characterized by the use of natural materials:

  • wood;
  • stone;
  • wrought iron.

You can buy antique items or give new items an aged look with the help of special techniques. This trend extends not only to country houses, but also applies to modern apartments in large cities. Adding elements of a country house to an urban space looks luxurious, especially against the backdrop of natural stone walls.

country style bedroom

Curtains in the bedroom in country style

Curtains in the bedroom have a utilitarian value, as they do not let in light, and decorative, as decoration for windows. The country Provence bedroom suggests the presence of curtains made of linen and cotton fabric with patterns of floral motifs on a white, cream or yellow background. Intense shades of colors can also give a unique charm to the interior. If you want to create an intimate atmosphere and optimal comfort, you can bet on dark-colored checkered curtains that will not let in light. When choosing curtains, you need to take into account the size and location of the room in order to create a harmonious interior.

bedroom in country style8

Country-style wallpaper for the bedroom

The use of wallpaper is not typical for a country style bedroom, but colors that harmonize well with the grain of the wood can be used. Materials that are used for painting are well suited. They can be left in white or covered in any friendly tone, trusting your intuition. A bedroom for a country-style girl will look good in warm or neutral colors:

  • beige;
  • sand;
  • grey;
  • pearl;
  • lilac;
  • brown.

Dark colors will look good in spacious rooms. A country-style bedroom will perfectly accept wallpaper with a golden yellow wood pattern. Stylized building material that looks like cracked stone or aged brick will make the interior more sophisticated. In the wallpaper, motifs of weaving from bamboo, rattan or wooden snags can be used. Well enliven the interior walls, made in different colors, if one is darker than the other.

country style bedroom

When country is mentioned, many imagine the wood or stone walls of an old rustic palatial home with a fireplace. This option is also possible, but most people do not seek to accurately recreate the past. Captivated by the slowness of the traditional way that antiques have absorbed, fans seek to recreate the atmosphere by integrating furniture and accessories that are close to nature into modern life.

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