Bathroom design — large or small, combined with a toilet


Bathroom design - how to create a cozy and functional interior?

When designing a bathroom, you should think about its functionality and comfort, and especially about making the room look cozy and aesthetically pleasing, because it will not only do morning hygiene, but also relax and unwind, lying in warm water with the addition of foam.

Modern bathroom design

Modern bathroom interior design allows bold experiments and extraordinary solutions. You can try different shapes and colors, their original combination, the use of various materials, both in texture and in naturalness. Moving away from the stereotypes that were accepted in the recent past, designers recommend making non-standard solutions, applying new decor methods involving glass, natural or artificial stone, textured tiles and many other materials made using the latest technologies.

Bathroom design with shower

If you are the owner of a bathroom that is modest in size, then it is more rational to refuse a bathtub than a shower cabin. To design a bathroom without a bath, use a few basic rules:

  1. The best place to install a shower cabin is a corner, this will free up space for installing equipment and furniture in the room.
  2. bathroom with shower

  3. Do not choose more than three colors for decoration at the same time, give preference to light colors, this will visually expand the space, while it is better to make floors and ceilings lighter than walls. For example, the design of a gray bathroom will look light and spacious.
  4. gray bathroom design

  5. A harmonious selection of colors also applies to the choice of sanitary ware, for example, a brown bathroom design can be complemented by a sink, toilet bowl and colored glass for a shower cabin in beige tones.
  6. brown bathroom design

  7. If you are designing a blue bathroom or other dark colors, you should choose contrasting plumbing, such as white.
  8. blue bathroom design

  9. The use of mirror surfaces will visually expand the room, make it brighter.
  10. Using mirror surfaces

  11. Think in advance about the design of the bathroom, the location of communications, place the booth near the water pipes, sewers, and wire the wiring closer to the ceiling.

bathroom design with shower

Bathroom design with corner bath

Corner bathtubs do not always have the shape of an isosceles triangle, they can be asymmetrical, polyhedral or rectangular, with beveled or rounded corners. Bathtubs with minimal dimensions are seated, they have comfortable recesses for the back. In large bathrooms, you can sit and lie down, they often have additional equipment systems:

  • hydromassage;
  • air massage;
  • chromotherapy;
  • backlight;
  • water disinfection system;
  • ozonation.

The bathroom, with a corner bath included in the interior design, looks more modern and spectacular. The variety of shapes and sizes makes the corner model not just an element of plumbing, it becomes the main design object in the room, to which all other interior items and finishing materials are selected. A variety of corner baths fit into any style solutions from classic to high-tech.

bathroom design with corner bath

Design of a bathroom combined with a toilet

The interior design of a bathroom combined with a toilet is easier to make stylish and functional, it can be equipped with more necessary equipment, items and accessories by eliminating the common wall. For the rational use of space, a good solution would be to install a shower cabin or a small sit-down bath. If a traditional model is installed, lift the sink a little higher, this will allow you to install a washing machine or a cabinet for linen under it. For the design of a bathroom combined with a toilet, use hanging cabinets, shelves.

bathroom design with toilet

bathroom design with washing machine

When trying to design a small bathroom, do not look for certain rules, use common sense. A good option would be to purchase a front-loading washing machine and install it under the sink, while the upper plane of the machine will become an additional shelf. The disadvantages of this option include the high location of the sink, which will be inconvenient for a short person or child.

In a large room, a creative design solution would be to install the machine under the countertop, or in pre-designed cabinets with closing doors, in which boilers can also be hidden and stocks of detergents, towels, and hygiene items can be stored. In a spacious room, it is possible to install a washing machine without hiding it from view, but as a decor, decorate the space above it with a picture, a mosaic panel, a stylish shelf or original towel racks.

bathroom design with washing machine

bathroom design with window

The design of a bathroom with a window allows you to embody the most daring and original interior solutions. With the presence of a window in this room, it is possible to use finishing materials of the most saturated and dark shades. Bathroom design in gray, blue, black, brown tones will look fresh and aesthetically pleasing, with sufficient sunlight. Often, if there is a window, the bathroom is installed directly below it, providing a gorgeous panoramic view, but this can be an inconvenience on a cold, windy day.

An excellent solution for window design in the bathroom can be blinds made from moisture-resistant materials. Stained glass windows look great, but when installing them, be aware of the reduction in light levels and the high price of such products. A good option would be to use frosted glass, or applying a protective decorative film to the glass. A bathroom with windows can be not only a room that carries a certain functional load, but also, furnished with upholstered furniture, decorated with a chandelier and a wall lamp, it will be an ideal room for relaxation and rest.

bathroom design with window

Bathroom Design Ideas

The design of the bathroom in the apartment has its own decorating laws. Regardless of the size of the room, it should be functional, comfortable and fashionably designed. The modern design of the bathroom allows you to use materials that are unusual for this room, for example, textiles. Popular ideas of modern design techniques for decorating bathrooms, which do not depend on the chosen style, can be considered:

  1. The minimalism of the color palette is combined with bright accent elements.
  2. Aged textured surfaces, with the use of «rust effect» or «crackle».
  3. Combination of different collections of ceramic tiles (for example, decorative tiles with neutral color mosaics).
  4. The use of materials that imitate natural surfaces and textures (wood, marble).
  5. Wall decoration with individual paintings or compositions.

Black and white bathroom — design

A combination of contrasting colors that are diametrically opposed always look elegant and sophisticated. Bathroom design options in black and white are more suitable for spacious rooms. If you are in the mood for this design, being the owner of a small bathroom, do not be discouraged, just make white the predominant color, and use black as a piping.

If the design of the bathroom is made entirely in black and white, then all other accessories (mirror frames, towel holders, shower curtains and even soap dishes) should not stand out from this color scheme, otherwise the style will be completely destroyed. It is allowed to use a bright red or yellow accent accessory, but so that it is small in size and does not immediately catch the eye.

black and white bathroom design

Bathroom design in white

The design of the bathroom in white carries the effect of freshness and cleanliness. So that the white bathroom does not look sterile and lifeless, choose colored panels for decoration, interspersed with bright tiles, and the original texture of finishing materials. The advantages of this design can be considered the following points:

  1. Visual expansion of space.
  2. White color provides a lot of options for various decor.
  3. It becomes possible to use colored accessories, periodically changing their colors, you will avoid monotony and monotony in the interior.
  4. A white bathroom looks luxurious, this color will help relieve tension, calm the nervous system — these are the positive moments that will allow you to relax and unwind while taking water procedures.

bathroom design in white

Black bathroom — design

The design of the bathroom, decorated in black, someone will call gloomy, but in fact it can be elegant and graceful, this color is universal, it can be combined with any shades. When choosing a tile design in a small bathroom, it is better to use black in combination with another color scheme. To design a bathroom in black, you should use some simple rules:

  1. Install several lighting fixtures in the room.
  2. Equip mirrors whose reflective surfaces will enhance the light effect.
  3. Choose plumbing fixtures and fittings with shiny, chrome-plated details, sconces and chandeliers made of glass and crystal.
  4. Dilute the black color with bright accessories (red towels, yellow soap dishes, turquoise mirror frames, bright paintings on the walls).
  5. Lay the tiles on the floor in a checkerboard pattern, adding a different color, make small panels on the walls, decorate the edging on the surfaces with a contrasting color.
  6. You can add freshness to the interior with the help of white plumbing, if you still stop at a black sink and bathtub, then choose them from expensive material, preferably with the inclusion of shimmering or mother-of-pearl particles.
  7. A good option is a black finish in a large bathroom that has a window.

black bathroom design

Mosaic bathroom design

When creating a bathroom interior using mosaics, a large number of different colors can take part in it, so the surfaces are not always finished completely, often separate zones are laid out for them. This material is used in the bathroom not only for walls and floors, it can be used to decorate a countertop, a niche, decorate complex rounded structures, uneven surfaces. Mosaic can ennoble both the design of a classic bathroom and modern, high-tech or any other interior. This material can take different forms:

  • square;
  • diamond-shaped;
  • oval;
  • rectangular;
  • arbitrary.

mosaic bathroom design

Beige bathroom — design

The beige color has a calming and relaxing effect on a person, it is associated with nature, its warmth, light and tranquility. The design of a small bathroom in beige tones will visually expand the dimensions of the room, it will be an excellent backdrop for a bright palette of accessories, perfectly combined with most colors. This color scheme fits perfectly with the classic style, the beige bathroom looks cozy and pleasing to the eye. The disadvantages include the fact that the color is easily soiled, so the room will need frequent cleaning.

beige bathroom design

Red bathroom — design

Making the design of the bathroom, the red color in the decoration can be used by passionate and extraordinary natures, striving for an original and individual interior. When choosing a red color, remember that it is strictly forbidden to use it in decoration for people with hypertension or with a tendency to nervous and mental disorders. Red tones in the interior are acceptable for large rooms, they look perfect in combination with white, black or gray elements, and are better suited for modern style.

red bathroom design

Bathroom design — green color

A beautiful bathroom design in green tones will cheer you up, have a positive effect on the psyche, and remind you of spring. This color requires a competent combination with other colors or shades, it looks especially harmonious with contrasting “balances”, such as white, orange, lilac, black, red. You should not decorate the interior of the room in one color, use its shades from light to dark tones. The concept of green includes:

  • malachite;
  • herbal;
  • light green;
  • olive;
  • jade;
  • marsh.

bathroom design green


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