Bathroom design in Khrushchev — finishing options with a toilet, with a washing machine


Bathroom design in Khrushchev - how to effectively use the minimum area?

The laconic layouts of Khrushchev houses initially did not imply any design frills. Providing a roof over your head and minimal amenities is their main task. But a well-executed bathroom design in Khrushchev allows you to place everything you need on 3-4 square meters, including a washing machine.

Bathroom design in Khrushchev

Bathrooms in Khrushchev houses are miniature, if not microscopic in size: 1.5-1.7 m along one wall and 1.9 m along the other. If a partition separates the bathroom and the toilet, then a medium-sized adult can hardly turn around in the remaining area. It is no wonder that the design of a small bathroom in Khrushchev is a task that requires a certain ingenuity. The following tricks will help expand the space:

  1. Hidden communications. It is better to lay sewer and water pipes in channels specially prepared for them in the walls — strobes. The work on laying them is noisy and dusty, but as a result, it will be possible to gain an additional 10-15 cm of space, which is not at all small on the scale of Khrushchev.
  2. Redevelopment. In conditions of space shortage, the presence of a partition between the bathroom and the toilet is an extremely dubious advantage. By getting rid of it and combining the bathroom, you can get the space necessary to install the washing machine.
  3. Suspended and corner plumbing. Hanging washbasins and toilets attached to the wall not only visually facilitate the design of the bathroom in Khrushchev, but also help find a place for the necessary little things: laundry baskets, brushes, etc. In addition, they greatly facilitate the cleaning process.
  4. Laconism in decoration. As you know, deep dark colors visually narrow the space. The same goes for the many small details that make a small bathroom look tiny. For Khrushchev, the best choice would be a light-colored finish with one or two color accents. But do not go to extremes, because a bathroom completely finished with snow-white tiles will inevitably evoke hospital associations. The use of various glossy surfaces will help to increase the area: glass shelves, mirrors, false ceiling and so on.

Combined bathroom in Khrushchev

In the case when the installation of the washing machine is planned in another room (for example, in the kitchen), the design of a bathroom with a toilet in Khrushchev does not cause any particular difficulties. You can squeeze the maximum out of the available space by replacing the usual bathroom with a corner model. At the same time, there will be room for installing a sink and toilet, as well as convenient placement of a heated towel rail and laundry baskets. Using a hanging washbasin, we free up space for installing a spacious closet for household items.

combined bathroom in Khrushchev

Bathroom in Khrushchev with a washing machine

The option when you have to look for a place for a washing machine in the bathroom is much more common than installing it in a tiny kitchen. The design of a bathroom in Khrushchev with a washing machine can be implemented through the following techniques:

  1. Replacing a bathtub with a shower. In the corner freed up as a result of such castling, a full-size heavy-load washing machine easily becomes.
  2. Installation of the machine in place of the washbasin. This option is good because it allows you to put a large load machine in a small bathroom. But at the same time, you will have to wash your face and wash your hands over the bathroom.
  3. Installation of the machine under the washbasin or countertop. A narrow washing machine can be “hidden” under a hinged sink. At the same time, you will have to sacrifice the loading capacity of the equipment, but you will still be able to comfortably brush your teeth and wash your face.
  4. Arrangement of a special niche. The place for the washing machine is located in a niche above the toilet, while the waste water from it serves to flush the latter.

bathroom in Khrushchev with a washing machine

Bathroom in Khrushchev with a shower

The design of a bathroom in Khrushchev with a shower is one of the most popular ways to place everything you need for comfort in a limited area. At the same time, there is a place for installing a washing machine, a sink and a comfortable toilet. But it also has its drawbacks, due to the fact that the performance of the cabin is very much tied to the level of pressure in the plumbing system — if the water is supplied under low pressure, then washing will not work. In addition, hand washing and bathing young children become more difficult.

bathroom in Khrushchev with a shower

Bathroom decoration in Khrushchev

Considering the various color options for a bathroom in Khrushchev, we should not forget that we are dealing with a room of very modest dimensions. Experts in this case consider the ideal color balance corresponding to the formula 60:30:10. This means that the base color should cover about 60% of the surfaces in the room, and the two auxiliary colors account for 30% and 10%. At the same time, not only walls, ceiling and floor, but also furniture, shelves, rugs and other interior elements should be taken into account.

Walls in the Khrushchev bathroom

Traditionally, it is customary to use tiles in the bathroom as decoration, Khrushchev is no exception. Tiles are a win-win way to hide all the irregularities and defects of the walls with the least investment, which are plentiful in old-built houses. Using tiles of different colors for decor, you can not only highlight individual zones, but also push the space a little: depending on the laying direction (horizontal and vertical), rectangular tiles can visually stretch the room or make it wider.

walls in the bathroom Khrushchev

Bathroom in Khrushchev — floor

One of the most important stages of repairing any bathroom is the arrangement of reliable waterproofing. This will help to avoid flooding the neighbors due to childish pranks or an accidentally forgotten tap. On top of such a base, you can lay ceramic or porcelain tiles, durable linoleum or waterproof laminate. Modern bathroom ideas in Khrushchev suggest a diagonal way of laying floor tiles, due to which the room visually becomes larger.

bathroom floor in Khrushchev

Bathroom in Khrushchev — ceiling

The design of a bathroom in Khrushchev is unthinkable without a well-designed ceiling. If there is a financial opportunity, it makes sense to install a glossy stretch ceiling, with which a small bathroom in Khrushchev will increase significantly in size. Of the budget options, plastic lining works well, which can be laid diagonally. A colorful coating will also do an excellent job, but it will require careful preparatory work.

bathroom in Khrushchev ceiling

Doors in the bathroom in Khrushchev

A modern bathroom in Khrushchev is unthinkable without high-quality modern doors. When choosing doors for a bathroom, the following nuances should be considered:

  1. Size difference. Homes built over 30 years ago do not measure up to modern building standards. Therefore, when planning the design of a bathroom in Khrushchev, you need to be prepared for the fact that the doorway will have to be significantly expanded.
  2. Ventilation. The bathroom is a room with high humidity. To avoid the appearance of fungus, special ventilation holes should be provided in the doors. If they are not, then when installing under the door, you must leave a gap.
  3. Operational characteristics. So that the doors do not lead from steam and temperature changes, high-quality moisture-resistant materials must be used for their manufacture: natural wood, plastic, MDF, etc. Latches and door handles must have increased strength.

bathroom doors in Khrushchev


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