Bathroom decoration with PVC panels

bathroom pvc paneling

Finishing the bathroom with PVC panels is gaining popularity due to the practicality of the material and its affordable price. Plastic panels are presented in a large assortment, they are: plain, with ornaments and floral patterns, monograms, with imitation of wood, stone, marble.

The surface of the plastic can be matte or glossy.

By purpose, the panels are divided into wall (heavy and rigid) and ceiling (fragile and light).

Wall design features

There are small rules that will make the bath unusual.

  1. When decorating walls in a small bathroom with PVC panels, you need to use light shades of the material.
  2. When finishing, you can combine narrow and wide panels, make a panel from a material with a pattern.
  3. Finishing doesn’t have to be monochromatic; mixing black and white glossy plastics, for example, looks bold and advantageous.
  4. An interesting effect is the use of panels with imitation of dark wood in the corners of the room. And the main area can be decorated with light marble.
  5. It is appropriate to use dark panels on the end wall, they will become the base background for mirrors and metal accessories.
  6. The wall behind the bathtub or washbasin can be made bright, with a textured pattern. At the same time, it is important to leave the corners of the main tone, so the effect of an architectural mirror is created.
  7. The rest of the plastic can be sewn up the bottom of the bath.

Ceiling decoration

Bathroom ceiling decoration with PVC panels is also popular due to the optimal price-quality ratio. In addition, the panels allow you to hide all surface irregularities and hide communications and wiring. There are several popular finishes available.

Smooth plain ceiling. Thanks to the butt-to-butt fasteners, after installation, the ceiling looks almost like a single panel. Experts advise choosing panels of pastel shades on the ceiling, they visually enlarge the room and make it lighter.

The wood-look ceiling looks good with light-colored walls.

Plastic is a malleable material, so spotlights or halogen lights can be mounted in this type of ceiling. With the help of a special thermal film, beautiful images are transferred to the panels. For example, a large bright flower on the ceiling will become a real decoration of the interior.

With the use of plastic panels, the bathroom will become much more comfortable and visually more voluminous. Such material will last a long time and does not need complicated care.

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