Bar counter-partition


Bar counters in the interior of the living room instead of a partition

During the restructuring and modern design of city apartments and houses, bar counters are very often used. This interior element has firmly entered the design of residential premises. Using a bar in the living room interior instead of a partition is both functional and beautiful.

Bar counter-partition for the living room

When designing and designing private houses, the bar counter is made primarily for convenience. In large rooms, the partition between the kitchen and the living room has a planning function — the division of space into two zones, united by a common purpose. For small apartments, the bar counter is an excellent option both for zoning a living room combined with a kitchen, and an important functional element. It is convenient to store dishes in niches under the counter, the tabletop can be used as an additional work surface and a dining table for a small family.

Design options for partitions in the form of a bar counter

Bar counters can be built from various materials — wood, natural or artificial stone, drywall, metal or plastic. Depending on the main purpose and the overall design of the kitchen and living room, the partition can be the simplest design in the form of an oblong tabletop, or it can be supplemented with an arch with additional lighting, shelves, racks and glass holders.

Stylish bar counters

Modern design and design capabilities allow you to realize any, even the most incredible ideas to create an extraordinary and comfortable interior. Materials, design, lighting style, color scheme and finishes largely depend on the main style of the room.

For a high-tech interior, which is now especially popular among young people, bar counters and countertops are made in a laconic, strict form from matte plastic in soft colors, possibly stylized as a tree. With this design, it is very important to pay attention to additional light sources located directly above the partition.

Eco-style decoration and design using natural materials look very organic in houses and cottages. A bar counter made of wood or natural stone is always stylish, elegant, beautiful and very solid.

A glass bar counter is also a very common and popular option for interior decoration. Such an element of the interior fits perfectly into both large and small living rooms.


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