Bar counter in the living room, separation of the kitchen and living room by a bar counter

bar counter in the living room

The bar counter in the living room is a popular trend of designers for a modern apartment. Transferring the usual location of this interior detail from the dining room to the living room requires a certain courage and skills from the owner so that it does not look awkward.

Bar counter design in the living room

In a living room in a modern style, the bar counter looks unusual: in most apartments it stands in the dining area, or serves to separate the apartment and the dining room. This technique is used in studios where there is a need to delimit a common space. Furniture sets are installed in the central room of the house in classic design options. But bar counters in the living room interior can also be used instead of a partition, subject to the following rules:

  • the separation of the kitchen and living room by the bar should not cause dissonance in the design. It is not combined with every stylistic setting. For example, art deco or neo-classicism do not provide for such an interior detail;
  • observance of the rule of sufficient free space is above all. A living room with a bar counter and a fireplace should not be located on 25 square meters, otherwise the free movement of its owners will be very difficult. Similar ideas should be implemented in apartments with a large area or in the country;
  • the bar counter in the living room should be made of high-strength materials. So that children do not scratch it or household members do not damage it, you need to choose options from a durable solid oak, pine or hazel.

bar counter in the living room 1

Corner bar in the living room

Kitchen, living room with a bar counter with a corner joint is rarely found in furniture stores. It is made up of several modules — separate small structures that allow you to get a working surface of the desired length and width. It is preferred by those who want to replace a worktop with hanging storage for glasses and dishes from a kitchen table or a full-fledged dining room. In the narrow corner of the console, you can install spice mills, bottles of alcohol and a shelf with your favorite teas and coffees.

bar counter in the living room 2

Retractable bar counter in the living room

There is one way to avoid wasting more space in the room — a compact sliding tabletop that folds away when it is no longer needed. She is called a «transformer» for her ability to modify. There are folding, rotary and two-level modifications. The first two are mounted to a console or load-bearing wall with strong screws or flexible hinges, making it possible to position the table top at the desired angle.

If the apartment has a kitchen with a breakfast bar combined with a living room, two-level structures are preferable. By moving the “upper” floor, you can make the countertop one and place plates for lunch or dinner on it. By pulling out the hinged shelf, which plays the role of the “second” floor, you can store knives, clean plates and napkins on it, freeing up space on the “first” level from them.

bar counter in the living room 4

Bar table in the living room

The bar counter in the interior of the living room may look like an ordinary kitchen worktop. Accessories for it will be high or low stools on wooden legs or a lifting mechanism with a spring. The latter option is possible when choosing a high table, under which you can hide the chairs by adjusting them in height. The round table fits into the kitchen interior, but it will not replace the console, so it will have to be abandoned.

bar counter in the living room 3

Bar counter separating the kitchen and living room

The bar counter between the kitchen and the living room serves a single purpose: it visually delimits a single room into a zone for relaxing and eating. Naturally, the need for it arises among the owners of a studio-type apartment, since they are familiar with the problem of the lack of separation using walls. The stylish console is designed for a company of several people, which again is beneficial for owners of small studios. Do not be afraid of associations with a cafe — the countertop is actively used by world-famous designers.

bar counter in the living room 5

Drywall bar counter in the living room

The separation of the kitchen and the living room by the bar begins with the right selection of material for it. Not only the solid wood is durable — it will compete with light and functional drywall or natural stone. Marble is expensive, chipboard swells from regular moisture on it, which is inevitable in this case. Drywall is simpler than glass or wood and can be remodeled if necessary.

It is also considered a plus that the drywall console is easy to make with your own hands. This reduces its cost and allows you to create a countertop of ideal dimensions if it cannot be picked up in a furniture store. Drywall can be cut into an island, peninsula, or retractable surface. It is fixed with fittings or thin steel tubes.

bar counter in the living room 6

Wooden bar counters in the living room

The design of the kitchen, living room with a bar made of wood is no less simple and popular. It is preferable because wood is in harmony with a set of furniture, wardrobes and cabinets. It is worth starting the choice with the correct selection of the shade of wood so that it matches other interior details. The design of a one-story console is created from a solid wood panel, a “two-story” console is made from plates of the same size and shade.

bar counter in the living room 7

The inclusion of kitchen details in the interior of the central room in the apartment is not an easy task. A cast tabletop will help divide the space between the hall and the kitchen area in studio apartments or create a warm atmosphere in the fireplace room of a large country house. It will save space, because you can store glasses, dishes, a service, a set of spices and seasonings on it.

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