Banquettes with a back in the hallway


Banquettes with a back in the hallway

In the hallway, in addition to cabinet furniture, you can install a soft bench with a back, it will be a multifunctional addition to the decor, and it is better to place it near the wall. This piece of furniture is not the main one, rather a secondary one, but its presence brings us a lot of conveniences, sitting on it is easier to change shoes or talk on the phone, you can temporarily place guests’ things on it. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to size, color and material. The soft seat of the banquet can be made of textiles, leather or leatherette, put on top, for softness, small pads.

The material for the manufacture of banquettes is used the most diverse.

If the interior of the hallway is made in a classic style, then wooden banquettes with a back are best suited, while its legs can have a different non-standard shape, and the frame is decorated with carvings. It is better to choose upholstery in dark colors, for the hallway this is the most practical option, while you can decorate the bench with pillows with bright colors, a blanket with a pattern.

Modern furniture manufacturers offer exquisite wrought-iron banquettes with a back and a soft seat. Forged furniture has a large margin of safety and durability, and worn-out upholstery can be easily replaced with a new one. Such furniture has a special charm, it, like no other, allows you to convey the elegance of lines, the complexity and beauty of the pattern. Forged banquette with a back in the hallway is handmade, made according to the wishes of the client, each product is unique and fully takes into account the taste and requirements of the customer. Such furniture looks stylish both in a spacious hall and in a small hallway.

Types of banquettes

A banquette in the hallway can be not only with a back, but also with a drawer. A huge plus is the top-opening or drawer, which allows you to store small items and accessories, such as umbrellas or shoe brushes and wax, without taking up space on open shelves.

If the dimensions of the hallway allow, then it is best to install a sofa bench with a back in it, made in both classic and modern styles. You can place it next to the shelf for the phone or opposite the mirror.

Slightly smaller than the sofa in size can be a banquet chair with a back. Such a piece of furniture can be used as an independent, or as an addition to the dressing table.


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