Banquet in the hallway

Banquet in the hallway

Everyone knows the truth that a cozy entrance hall in the house, the threshold of which you cross for the first time, immediately sets you up for a warm welcome in this house, and the owners have a delicate sense of taste and excellent hospitality. To create such an atmosphere, everything is thought out to the smallest detail, including the selection of comfortable, beautiful and functional furniture. Let’s not talk about cabinets, chests of drawers and other large items, but focus on smaller details that will fill the atmosphere with a special, unique charm, and besides, make a short stay in the hallway convenient and comfortable. Here is an example. Upon entering the house, you should put your things somewhere, if possible, sit down so that it is convenient to take off your shoes. An excellent solution to this issue would be the installation in the hallway of such an item as a banquette.

What is a banquette in the hallway?

What is this piece of furniture? In fact, this is a small bench with a soft seat. By the way, this subject is indirectly related to banquets. The banquette got its name from the French word banquette, which, in fact, is translated as a bench. Such soft benches were placed at social events and balls for the convenient location of many guests. Modern banquettes are most often used in the hallways, choosing their appearance in accordance with the general style of the room, as over time they have undergone a number of external changes, becoming more functional.

Types of modern banquettes

Of course, the classic never loses its relevance and in a fairly spacious hallway you can install a bench in its original version — a bench with a soft seat, usually on graceful curved legs.

But a white bench of this type with a velor seat is an almost indispensable element of furnishing a spacious hallway, the interior of which is decorated in a lush Empire or Baroque style.

Fans of exclusive things can install an elegant forged bench in the hallway by ordering it individually in a specialized workshop.

An interesting addition to the modern hallway will be a plastic banquette. But, since multifunctional things and objects are more practical for modern realities, furniture makers have made some adjustments to the classic look of the banquette. Now in the hallway you can install a comfortable bench-sofa with a folding seat top, inside of which you can put small household items. For such cases, it is no less convenient in the hallway and a banquette with a pedestal. If there is not enough space in the hallway, then the problem of storing shoes can be easily solved by installing a compact bench with a shoe rack here. And so that small things are always what is called «at hand», you can install a bench with a drawer in the hallway.

Another rather practical option for furniture in the hallway is a bench with a table for a telephone. By individual order, the most unusual and original banquettes can be made in the hallway, for example, on a glass frame or with a planter stand. Also, departing from the classical canons and obeying the demands of the consumer market, banquettes in the hallway can be made round, angular, or even have a “torn” shape.

Banquet material

Most often, soft banquettes are installed in the hallway, such that there is some kind of filler in the seat. As a rule, these are various types of polyurethane foam, and for banquettes from the premium class, latex is used as a filler. A variety of furniture fabrics are used as upholstery materials — flock, chenille, tapestry, velveteen and velor, jacquard. In addition, leather banquettes (natural or artificial leather) are very practical in the hallways.

But wooden banquettes in the hallway may not have upholstery or, accordingly, filler.

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