12 Surprising Closet Storage Ideas

one Use boxes and baskets

We often write about the benefits of baskets and boxes for the interior of an apartment. They help to keep order and aesthetics even in small things. In the dressing room, these are also indispensable accessories. You can put seasonal clothes and shoes in boxes to keep them in the best condition, store underwear or clothes that are in the sock. In the end, you can put clean, but not yet ironed clothes there, so as not to spoil the interior of your room with “hills” of clothes taken from the dryer.

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2 Pay attention to wardrobe-transformers or prefabricated systems

This idea will appeal to those who want to organize a dressing room in an uncomfortable corner, a room with the wrong layout, or an attic. In any of these cases, wardrobe transformers and prefabricated systems will come to the rescue — you yourself will decide what accessories you need, choose the height of cabinets and drawers and be able to make even the most uncomfortable corner in the room functional.

Non-standard room for a dressing room photo

Photo: Instagram sarahmdorseydesigns

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3 Hang rails

Roof rails are universal «helpers» for simple and functional storage. And the range of their application is much wider than the working surface in the kitchen. For example, in the dressing room you can store scarves and even shoes on railings — just put them on the railing with a heel, they will hold on.

Rails for storage

Photo: Instagram thechroniclesofhome.com

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four See above

The undeniable advantage of dressing rooms is that you can use the entire space right up to the ceiling. And this is really important, so the storage system becomes much more functional. And even if you only have a small utility room in the room, do not waste space under the ceiling — hang rails for clothes there.

The space under the ceiling photo

Photo: urbanacreage.com

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5 Look for non-standard solutions

These devices are used as holders for shelves. But what if you hang them on the other side and use them as hangers in small dressing rooms? Try it!

Shelf holders as rails

Photo: livethemma.ikea.se

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6 Use hanging shoe organizers

And it is not necessary to store only sneakers, sneakers or shoes in them. Twisted T-shirts, long sleeves — any knitwear that does not wrinkle can also be stored in this way. It will be much more economical and, by the way, safer for clothes — in this form, knitwear will not stretch.

Hanging organizers for shoes photo

Photo: asannamoseley.com

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7 Apply office organizers

See how office paper organizers have been used in this closet. Now they store small wallets and clutches. And by the way, paper towel holders also come in handy — for bracelets, watches or twisted belts.

office organizers

Photo: perpetuallychic.com

eight Sign boxes

A simple rule that many people forget. By signing boxes, you will find the right thing much faster. Especially if the dressing room is for children or things of the whole family are stored in it, including cosmetics and medicines.

9 Improvise with internal storage

For example, underwear or swimwear can be folded into such organza bags. It looks nice and very neat. And if you impregnate such bags with aromatic oils, a pleasant aroma of linen is provided.

Improvisation with internal photo storage

Photo: Instagram dannyorganiza

ten Use accessories to save space

We have already talked about such things as part of the article on how to store shoes. Look for accessories that help keep a pair of shoes compact.

Shoe accessories photo

Photo: Instagram minimalismopo

eleven Don’t forget the liners to keep things in order

Ordinary drawer liners can organize storage and help you keep things in perfect order. Use them for accessories, underwear, even sunglasses.

photo glasses storage

Photo: Instagram organizeedecore_lorinogueira

12 Use cornice hooks

Hang them on rails — so you can store any things that have a loop. But pay attention to the type of thing — if it is wrinkled or tends to stretch, it is better to hang it on a standard hanger or put it on a shelf.

Hooks for curtain rod instead of hangers

Photo: livethemma.ikea.se

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