10 ingenious solutions for vertical storage in the apartment

Shown in the video the best ideas for vertical storage

one perforated panel

Perforated panels are easy to find at hardware stores and are perfect for organizing your workspace or workshop: you can hang shelves and hooks however you like and in the quantity you need. Bonus — you don’t have to drill the walls.

A metal mesh will become a replacement for the home office. You can also attach hooks or clothespins with light things on it.

Metal grid

Metal grid. Photo: AliExpress

2 Rails with containers

We all know roof rails with hooks, but some necessary items simply cannot be hung up … Such a system will save us — with storage containers.

roof rails

Photo: Instagram tidymoose

If desired, you can make it yourself by simply attaching hooks to suitable metal pots or jars.

3 Clothespin hats

The hostess of this dressing room decided not to hide things, but to make them an interior decoration. Especially striking is the garland of hats, which is made with rope and clothespins.


Photo: Instagram kaizenspaces

By the way, hats on the walls are now a fashionable decor item, so take note of the example.

four Hanging mug organizer

Another idea for storage and decoration. Build such a simple organizer (you just need to attach hooks to the board), hang it on the wall and decorate with circles. And free up space in the kitchen set, and make the apartment a little more unusual.


Photo: Instagram the.ish.life

5 Storage on the cabinet door

There are a lot of storage options here. You can also hang a special organizer to the door, and attach hooks and drawers.

For more ideas, check out our selection of cabinet door storage.

6 Storage under stairs

In a private house, the stairs can be used to good use — to organize a storage system in it (including under the steps).

storage under stairs

Photo: Instagram spacetidy

True, this decision should be thought out at the design stage.

7 hanging organizer

There are a lot of ready-made options. We decided to offer you not a banal model that is hung on the wall, but a desktop organizer. Convenient if it is not equipped with drawers.

Desktop Organizer

Desktop organizer. Photo: AliExpress

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eight Hanging storage system in the hallway

The owners of this hallway had little space in the closet, and right on the outer surface of its doors, they built a storage system from metal boxes and hooks.


Photo: Instagram organized.chaos.insta

9 Mini bathroom rack

Another hand-me-down idea. A few boards, horseshoes instead of holders — and now the original bathroom rack is ready!


Photo: Instagram mountainmodernlife

ten Vertical clothing storage

Don’t know about Marie Kondo’s vertical storage method yet? The point is to store things in stacks not horizontally, but vertically, as shown in the photo. With this arrangement, things take up less space and are easier to get.

Maria Kondo storage method

Photo: Instagram orgporyadok

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