Wrought iron flower stands

Wrought iron flower stands

Excellent assistants in interior design will be floor forged flower stands. Graceful and openwork, they are an original decoration in the design of a room, an open terrace or a garden. Racks allow you to conveniently and compactly place several pots, give plants access to sunlight and get a beautiful green corner in the interior.

Metal stand — grace and originality

Forged stands for indoor flowers distinguish between floor, wall, as well as racks under the ceiling. Floor models are the most popular, have a different configuration and height. Curved and openwork designs allow the use of a different number of pots on both sides of the rack, on the steps of a decorative ladder. High forged flower stands are multi-tiered products and serve as a convenient placement for many types of vegetation. They can be made in the form of a multi-stage bookcase, a cascade, a spiral or a rack with folding legs with ornate curls, on which multi-level baskets are attached for flowerpots. Forged product in the form of a flower stand in combination with plants creates an elegant home flower bed.

Some of the most original metal forged flower stands are models in the form of carts and vintage bicycles. They can be found small in size for a window sill or large items to decorate a garden plot.

For painting metal products, black, rich gold, and elegant white enamels are most often used. Plants placed on stands are clearly visible and easy to care for. The racks themselves have become an excellent decorating technique, they give the home flower garden completeness and originality.

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