White curtains in the interior

white curtains in the interior

You can slightly change the interior, bring notes of freshness and airiness to it with the help of white curtains. At the same time, you should not be afraid that the room will resemble a hospital ward. You just allow light to penetrate into all corners of the house, make it brighter and lighter.

The choice of fabric and type of white curtains

If you like long, flowing white curtains in the interior, materials such as natural linen, thick cotton, smooth satin are the best choice. Try to avoid cheap synthetic fabrics as they will look gaudy. At the same time, avoid also excessive decorations in the form of lambrequins, draperies, etc. Let everything be simple, fresh and easy.

White filament curtains will look even more delightful. They are ideal in rooms with low ceilings as they visually raise the ceiling. With the help of such curtains, you can not only frame the window opening, but also divide the room into separate zones. They do not clutter up the space at all, on the contrary, they give a feeling of airiness and lightness.

A Roman or roller blind is a good option for a kitchen or nursery. Neutral color and optimal length to the window sill in these rooms will create the right atmosphere. Of course, in this case, you need to dilute the atmosphere with bright details in order to avoid a boring interior.

Caring for white curtains

Do not rush to give up snow-white curtains just because it seems difficult for you to care for them. Just with white textiles, everything is much simpler than with colored ones. Various bleaches can be applied to it. Of course, provided that the curtains are sewn from high-quality fabrics.

And in order to reduce the likelihood of contamination of the curtains, especially if they hang in the kitchen or dining room, you can use special dirt-repellent impregnations. In this case, you will only need to wash them periodically.

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