Wallpaper for boys — what to choose in the room of a student, teenager?

Wallpaper for boys - which wallpaper is actually best for a nursery?

Loving parents try to take into account the wishes of their children, so such an interior detail as wallpaper for boys will reflect the inner world and interests of the child. The correct design of his room will emphasize the personality traits and help develop a sense of taste in the younger generation.

Wallpaper in the nursery for a boy

When looking for the best versions for decorating a boy’s room, one should not forget that his room is a private world, and children are not always happy that other people, even parents, manage it. Before choosing wallpaper for boys in a room, you should consult with the child and listen to his opinion, and then discuss all the options proposed by both parties. Boys, as a rule, do not want to see their room in soft pink or beige colors: they prefer bright prints on a muted background. Win-win options include:

  • graffiti drawings;
  • images of cars, aircraft;
  • «newspaper» print;
  • 3D Wallpaper.

wallpaper in the nursery for the boy

Wallpaper graffiti in the boy’s room

The modern teenager will be delighted with the graffiti-style wallpapers, because they are fully consistent with the informal spirit of rebellion, familiar to everyone in adolescence. These are the real cool wallpapers for boys, but in order for them to last as long as possible, you need to choose them by following a few rules:

  1. Non-woven and vinyl wallpapers are preferred over paper ones: although they are more expensive, their color retains brightness for a long time, and they are made of environmentally friendly materials.
  2. Glossy finishes are preferred over matte finishes because laminated graffiti will look richer and reflect light correctly.
  3. The size of the inscriptions on the walls should correspond to the size of the entire room. Large graffiti will look ridiculous in a small room, and small ones in a spacious bedroom.

wallpaper graffiti in the boy's room

Wallpaper with cars for a boy

Cars are one of the most common prints for decorating a boy’s room. Since discreet shades of light colors always serve as the background for this pattern, it is better to choose washable wallpapers so that the dirt that appears during operation can be removed without problems. If the classic paper or laminated wallpaper in the bedroom for a boy with cars did not arouse interest in the little prankster, you can try their modern varieties:

  • wallpapers with texture cars;
  • wallpapers with LED cars;
  • wallpaper with cars covered in fluorescent paint.

wallpaper with cars for a boy

3D wallpaper for boys

3D wallpapers will help to realize bold design decisions when a child dreams of turning his room into a cave, a zoo, a deep sea or a dinosaur habitat. Prints with animals, superheroes, race tracks — these are just a small part of the ideas that can be used in the room of a future man. To understand which wallpaper to choose for a boy’s nursery, since the choice fell on 3D technology, you need to find out everything about their properties:

  1. 3D wallpaper is a three-dimensional drawing applied to the canvas. Thanks to the distorted spatial effect, they look three-dimensional.
  2. They can be panoramic, fluorescent, single: the latter can replace paintings if you choose a frame for them.
  3. For a small room in which a boy lives, it is better to choose medium-sized 3D drawings: this way the wallpaper will not draw all the attention to itself.

3d wallpaper for boys

What wallpaper to choose for a boy?

With age, the taste preferences of children also change, so you should always be prepared for the fact that yesterday’s baby wants to change the situation and asks to re-paste the wallpaper. It is impossible to decide how to wallpaper a boy’s room without paying attention to the needs that he experiences at a particular age. When choosing a specific option, you should remember that:

  1. Different colors have a different effect on the child’s psyche: the atmosphere in the room should not be oppressive.
  2. Wallpaper for a boy, depending on the shade, can both spur the individual temperament of the son, and make him more restrained.
  3. The perception of color changes with age: what you liked yesterday can get on your nerves today.

what wallpaper to choose for a boy

Wallpaper for a newborn boy

Designed for the first years of life, the design of the nursery should not imply any interior frills, because it will not take even a year for the baby to begin to explore the world and start doing it from drawings on the wallpaper or smearing fruit puree on them. Beautiful wallpapers for boys at this age are those that will have a non-staining shade, a dense washable base and low cost.

newborn baby boy wallpaper

Wallpaper in the interior of a nursery for a boy of 3 years

When the child gets older, he will no longer be afraid of bright, cheerful colors. An excess of bright colors should also not be allowed: the ideal wallpaper for a boy who is 3 years old is a pastel background with medium-sized printed images. If the figures are larger than the child himself, he will experience stress. Therefore, it is better to look among the pictures:

  • superheroes;
  • geometric figures;
  • figures of animals or dinosaurs.

wallpaper in the interior of the nursery for a boy of 3 years

Wallpaper for a boy 7 years old

At this age, each child expands the circle of friends, and the first serious hobbies appear, which can be reflected in the design of the room. As you grow older, you can also decorate the ceiling with wallpaper — for example, turn it into a map of the starry sky, and place a 3D drawing of a geographical map of the world on one of the walls. When choosing a wallpaper for a schoolboy, you no longer need to be afraid of a large pattern or bright colors, provided that they correspond to his temperament.

wallpaper for boy 7 years old

Wallpaper in the room for a teenage boy

At the age of 11-12, an active personality development will begin, associated with an internal rebellion against parents and their preferences. There is nothing supernatural in this: it is quite expected that he will oppose his tastes to the rest of the design of the apartment, created by his parents. Wallpaper for a teenage boy’s room is a great way to instill the basics of decorating in a growing child if he chooses them himself. Teenagers tend to gravitate toward graphic patterns, catchy lettering, wall-to-wall posters, and futuristic wallpapers.

wallpaper in the room for a teenage boy

Wallpaper color for a boy’s room

When choosing a shade suitable for use in the decor of a growing boy’s room, you need to trust the opinion of not only the designer, but also the psychologist. Doctors know what color wallpaper for a child’s boy will not have a harmful effect on his psyche and will become an incentive for further mental development. It is necessary to take into account the main properties of each shade:

  1. The red and orange gamma has an exciting effect, so it will be useful only for boys suffering from slowness, laziness and drowsiness.
  2. Wallpaper for boys redWallpaper for boys orange

  3. Greens and teals calm hyperactive kids, but only when paired with warm-colored accessories.
  4. Wallpaper for boys greenWallpaper for boys turquoise

  5. The yellow and light purple wallpaper palette for boys will appeal to creative individuals as these shades stimulate the brain.
  6. Wallpaper for boys yellowWallpaper for boys purple

  7. Black, brown, burgundy — these colors are strictly prohibited for use, because they cause a depressed state in children.

wallpaper color for boy's room

Combining wallpaper in the nursery for a boy

If the monochromatic design seems too boring to parents and the child himself, it is worth trying a combination of colors and textures. Combining several types of different wallpapers on the same or adjacent walls, you can achieve positive effects in visually changing the space for the better. When choosing wallpaper for walls for boys, you should rely on the following winning combinations:

  1. The combination of dark smooth textures and a bright color palette will make it possible to slightly «push» the walls in a narrow room.
  2. A combination of two or three light colors (like pink, lemon and lavender) gives a dull childish feeling of light and volume.
  3. If the room has low ceilings, vertical striped wallpaper for boys will “make” them look taller.

combining wallpaper in the nursery for a boy

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