Wall tiles brick

Decorative brick wall tiles can be successfully used in any room, its uniqueness lies in the fact that it fits perfectly into any stylistic decision.

Brick tile for walls outwardly differs little from a real brick, but its advantages include light weight, a variety of colors, moisture resistance and durability. Compared to brickwork, tiles take up a much smaller volume.

To make the interior of the room original and exclusive, it is not necessary to finish all the walls with decorative ceramic tiles with bricks, sometimes one wall is enough.

Where can I use ceramic brick tiles?

Brick tile, used for wall decoration in the kitchen, looks very organic, it fills the room with warmth and comfort, creating an association with the hearth. For decorating kitchen walls, it is better to choose glossy tiles, they are easier to maintain, it is easier to wash off drops of grease, smudges, dirt that are inevitable in the kitchen.

Decorative brick can be used not only on the working wall in the kitchen, this material is perfectly combined with other types of finishes, such as wood, plastic, plaster, wallpaper. Brick tiles will also look great as a kitchen apron.

Brick tiles are perfect for the bathroom, in this case you should purchase them with a glazed finish that protects against moisture and allows it to maintain an impeccable appearance for many years.

With this material in the bathroom, you can finish one of the corners of the room or one of the walls — it will look very stylish and unusual. For the bathroom, it is better to use ceramic tiles that imitate white bricks, the effect of red brick is created by tiles that are not covered with glaze, they are not suitable for the bathroom.

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