Turquoise carpet


turquoise carpet

When choosing a turquoise carpet as a floor textile, you need to be careful, because this color can be both calm and relaxing, as well as bright and defiant. Depending on the purpose, you need to use one or another of its shades, while not forgetting about compatibility with other colors in the room.

Turquoise carpet in the interior

Such an interesting color can be quite used as an accent for the room. It will fit perfectly into many interiors, especially if you remember the current choice of textures, colors, carpet materials.

Today, interior design in turquoise shades is no longer a rarity. If you need a calm atmosphere, turquoise will help you create it, and a turquoise-colored carpet will complement the relaxation room, making it even more pleasant to unwind from stress and difficulties.

A feature of using turquoise carpets on the floor is that the room should be spacious enough and not cluttered with furniture. As for specific rooms, there are no restrictions on the use of turquoise carpets — it can be a living room, a bedroom, a nursery, a kitchen, an office, etc.

The compatibility of turquoise and other colors in the interior

Depending on the shade of turquoise, it can be combined with certain colors. For example, a pale turquoise rug would look great in a room with peach pink, golden yellow, or orange walls and furniture.

A richer blue-turquoise pairs well with hot pink, red, ocher, rose coral, bronze, brown and straw beige furnishings.

If you want to lay a bright turquoise carpet, make sure that the same bright colors prevail in the room — aquamarine, purple, silver, gold, pink, yellow and neon green.


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