Stone effect floor tiles


stone effect floor tiles

Stone effect floor tiles imitate natural materials such as marble, granite, basalt or brickwork. Tiles from this category are often used to decorate a bathroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room or fireplace room. Modern innovative technologies make it possible to create floor tiles with a complete imitation of stone, to convey its pattern, texture, which is much cheaper than the original, has high quality characteristics, and is much easier to care for.

Inexpensive decorative luxury

In most cases, stone-like floor tiles are porcelain stoneware, they are much stronger and more durable than conventional ceramics, resistant to mechanical stress, detergents, and easily tolerate temperature changes. A variety of porcelain stoneware textures allows you to decorate the facades of houses, residential and public premises.

There are several varieties of such material — for pebbles, shell rock, basalt, slate, noble marble, old stone. In the interior, floor tiles in the form of stones go well with glass, metal, and ceramics.

Marbled tile is the most popular option, it fits the classic and modern interior style, looks rich and elegant.

A variety of colors and textures of tiles allows you to design in any style. Green malachite, glossy white or black marble, red granite, semi-precious onyx will give a touch of sophistication and help create unusual design solutions.

Juicy terracotta, brown, red, gray or black and white shades combined with a stylish glossy or, conversely, matte surface and natural texture will emphasize the dignity and naturalness of the interior.

Material under natural stone significantly transforms the room, strikes with its beauty, looks natural and stylish.


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