sofa bed for living room

We will find a place for a sofa in any apartment and house, whether it is a luxury apartment or a small-sized «Khrushchev». It is placed in the common room to make it convenient to receive guests. Often it also serves as a bed. Both guests and the household themselves can relax on it. There are many varieties of such furniture in shape, size, method of transformation.

Types of sleeping sofas for the living room

According to their form, they are divided into:

  • straight;
  • corner;
  • island.

By size and number of seats:

  • compact 2-3-seater small sofas with a berth;
  • large — for 5 or more people.

By design:

  • folding, changing shape due to the transformation process;
  • stationary, not having the ability to unfold and change in any way;
  • modular, capable of changing shape without unfolding.

Straight sofas in the living room with a berth

The straight shape allows you to install it along one of the walls. If at the same time the model is not folding, it should have a very long and wide seat so that it can be used not only for sitting, but also for a night’s sleep. Straight sofas with a large berth take up a lot of space, so you can’t call them compact. But you do not need to make an effort to unfold — you just make a bed on it and settle down for the night. Such furniture is suitable for one person, since two people are unlikely to fit on it.

  straight sofas with a large berth

Straight sofas for a living room with a berth can be transformable. However, there are many ways to unfold. Each of them is designed to turn seats into a comfortable double bed. If you plan to actively use it for sleep, it is preferable to choose the right orthopedic fillers so as not to suffer from back pain.

  straight sofas in the living room with a berth

Compact corner sofa bed

When there is a free corner in the hall, it will be practical to occupy it with corner furniture. Sleeping corner sofas, like straight ones, can be folding and not folding. They have a number of advantages:

  • corner models fit a larger number of people (sitting) on ​​their surface and cut off the need for additional chairs;
  • harmoniously fit into both large and small rooms;
  • guarantee you a comfortable sleep;
  • thanks to an interesting shape, they fit well into modern interiors;
  • with them you can share and zone the room (for example, in the case of a kitchen-studio).

  sleeping corner sofas

Modular sleeper sofas

The most popular modern sofas for a living room with a berth are modular models. They consist of several parts (modules) that can be arranged in any order, creating a single product and separate seats throughout the free area of ​​the room. Especially such a sofa with a large berth will appeal to a creative person, because the general appearance and configuration can be changed as you like in accordance with your mood and needs.

  modular sleeper sofas

Among the advantages of modular upholstered furniture are compactness and mobility. It is easy to transport, move and change the general appearance of the product. And of the shortcomings, one can note a higher cost and a smaller assortment on sale. In addition, not all models have a comfortable sleeping space. Yes, and you can’t call them compact — they are often bulky, so they are suitable for spacious rooms.

5 modular sofa with a large berth

Sleeper mini sofas

What kind of furniture is suitable for a modest room? Manufacturers have taken care of this too — for small apartments there is a choice among small models, which, nevertheless, fold out and provide a place for comfortable sleep. A short and narrow sofa with a berth can be decomposed into a full-fledged double bed. The rest of the time it will not take up much space.

  sleeper mini sofas

Such a cozy sofa for a living room with a berth will suit connoisseurs of comfort who are limited in space and cannot afford standard-sized furniture. Its attractiveness is also in the same modest cost. Easy unfolding and the presence of a spring block in the mattress allows you to use this baby every day for good sleep and relaxation.

  narrow sleeper sofa

Folding sofas for the living room with a berth

If we classify sofas for a living room with a berth according to the mechanism of transformation, we can name the most common of them. It:

  • book;
  • eurobook;
  • click-clack;
  • accordion;
  • dolphin;
  • withdrawable;
  • retractable;
  • cot (French, American, Italian)

It is difficult to say which folding sleeping sofas are more convenient, easier to use or more compact. All of them have their own characteristics, pros and cons. Much will depend on the planned intensity of their use. So you need to choose, having previously familiarized yourself with them in theory and having tested them in practice. Here are examples of several types of mechanisms, which we will look at in a little more detail.

Eurobook sofa with a berth

It features a very simple unfolding system that allows you to open it even for children or the elderly without much effort. The reliability of the mechanism guarantees a long service life — longer than other types. All you need to do to transform it into a bed is to pull the seat in your direction, and then lay its back in the vacant place.

  Eurobook sofa with sleeping place

An additional advantage of this model is that there is a spacious drawer for storing linen or a bed at the bottom of the Eurobook sofa, while the bed is a flat and wide surface. You can put it both against the wall and in the middle of the room, since the backrest has the same type of upholstery as the entire product. Eurobook can be not only straight, but also angular. In the second case, one part is transformed, while the second complements it without any manipulation.

  corner sofa-eurobook with a berth

Sofa with pull-out bed

Practical and compact model when the retractable part is under the seat. If necessary, you push it out and, pulling the loop, raise it to the same level with the main part. The result is a roomy bed for two, which even when opened will take up a minimum of space. Such small sofas with a berth are installed in any room — even in the kitchen.

pull-out sofa bed

There are also models used as an alternative to children’s beds, which, when opened, have two or more tiers. The extended part remains at its level without the possibility of raising it flush with the seat. Such furniture is convenient if you need to provide sleeping places for children who fall asleep badly nearby due to pampering or the habit of spreading out to a nearby place. With this type of construction, everyone will have at their disposal a strictly defined space.

  pull-out sofa bed

Roll-out sofas with a large berth

If the compactness of furniture is important to you, but at the same time you appreciate a comfortable night’s sleep, pay attention to 2-3-seater narrow sofas with a sleeping place for the living room, which have a roll-out transformation system. When opened, they consist of 3 parts: one of them is hidden in the back and, when unfolded, lies in place for the head, the second part reclines after you roll out the seat, the third is the same part that rolled out.

  roll-out sofas with a large berth

Sometimes additional pillows are used instead of a folding middle part. Such furniture is also called a «telescope», since the process of its transformation resembles the extension of the internal parts of a telescope. When folded, it won’t take up much space. However, it is necessary to provide space for its transformation into a bed — it will take a lot.

  narrow sleeper sofas for the living room

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