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Ceiling chandeliers of pink color are distinguished by tenderness and grace. In the interior, such a product dominates, attracts attention with its unusualness and glamour. It is suitable for a soft and graceful design, classic or feminine. A pink chandelier will go well with lavender, gray, white, black shades in the room.

Pink chandelier — luxury and grace

Chandeliers in a similar color are produced in all possible variations — with shades, candelabra, suspensions, lampshades.

Chandeliers with pink shades visually raise the ceiling and expand the space. Their shades can vary dramatically — from pale pink to bright purple. The shape of the plafonds can be different — balls, parallelepipeds, cylinder, bowls, floristry.

It is worth highlighting separately the chandeliers decorated with pink flowers. The frame of such models resembles intricately curved branches, decorated with buds, leaves, petals. Often they use multiple LED bulbs, giving the design a special charm. This chandelier has a pleasant unobtrusive natural beauty.

The highlight of the interior can be a combination of transparent and pink crystal in a chandelier, with multi-level pendants, cascades, waterfalls of crystals, the noble colors of the fittings make such lamps a real work of art.

Blown glass chandeliers look beautiful and surreal with lots of sparkling intricacies, swirls and iridescent crystals.

A pink chandelier is relevant for a girl’s children’s room, it can be decorated with a lampshade made of delicate chiffon with draperies, ruffles, bows. This setting is sure to please the little princess.

A pink chandelier is the embodiment of beauty, comfort and style. It transforms the atmosphere in the room, brings to it notes of elegance and romanticism.

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