Oriental style bedroom — interior design, furniture, curtains, ceiling

Bedroom in oriental style - all the subtleties of a successful design of decor and furniture

A beautiful and unusual bedroom in an oriental style looks unforgettable, but is only suitable for true connoisseurs of the East, its traditions and values. This design option can hardly be called minimalistic and restrained, because it involves the presence of many interior items and unusual decor.

Bedroom design in oriental style

Thinking over how best to decorate the interior of a bedroom in an oriental style, you should take care of the selection of not only finishing materials, but also furniture, and various interior accent items. It is important, at least in general terms, to imagine what is appropriate when styling a bedroom under the East.

  1. Arches and stained glass windows.
  2. Persian carpets.
  3. Mosaic decoration of walls and floors.
  4. High ceilings and massive furniture.
  5. Bright and saturated colors.
  6. Characteristic arabesques (geometric and floral patterns).
  7. Bed with a canopy and lots of small pillows.
  8. Many lamps and chandeliers in the style of different oriental countries.
  9. Of the fabrics should be present: silk, brocade, velvet, organza, moire, satin.

Wallpaper in the bedroom — oriental style

To properly design a bedroom in an oriental style, it is not enough to know what ornaments and tones should be present in the interior of such a room. The bedroom is a place where it is important to fully relax, and some color schemes can interfere with relaxation and sound sleep. For example, the classic oriental-style wall decoration, which uses red and gold, is categorically contraindicated for the bedroom.

When choosing the design of the walls, it is worth knowing about some of the features of this style direction.

  1. Almost always in the oriental interior of the bedrooms you can find different niches that play a different role (for lamps, interior items, things, etc.). The easiest way to organize niches is with drywall.
  2. Often, the classic oriental style implies a single design of the ceiling and walls, which represent a single composition. Decorations can be made using oriental patterns and draped with fabric.
  3. An oriental-style bedroom is often decorated with wallpaper with appropriate patterns, but it is important to choose calm, warm, pastel colors and avoid too bright and flashy.

wallpaper in the bedroom oriental style

Ceiling in oriental style

When choosing a ceiling finish, a lot depends on personal preferences and the chosen direction. It can be an oriental-style fabric ceiling, an extremely simple classic version — a white ceiling draped with fabric with oriental motifs. The most popular solution, which is close to oriental motifs, is the blue ceiling, which symbolizes the firmament. Often, images of night luminaries or zodiac signs are placed on a blue background. Framing is recommended with fancy moldings, but wide options should only be used in rooms with high ceilings.

ceiling in oriental style

Curtains in oriental style

Curtains when creating an oriental atmosphere can be used in a variety of ways, depending on personal wishes and preferences. It can be either Roman blinds in oriental style or classic, or Japanese or directly Arabic. It is more important here to choose the right fabrics and shades. As for fabrics, it will look best in oriental style:

  • damask;
  • organza;
  • silk;
  • atlas;
  • brocade.

When choosing shades for the bedroom, designers recommend taking a closer look at the following options:

  • white;
  • golden;
  • beige;
  • burgundy.

Preferred accessories for such bedrooms:

  • brushes;
  • rhinestones;
  • fringe;
  • beads.

curtains in oriental style

Carpet in oriental style

When creating a bedroom design in an oriental style, a Persian carpet immediately comes to mind and this is justified, because this interior detail will most favorably emphasize the main focus and become a truly accurate and bright oriental accent. If it is a handmade carpet, then the design will not only be extremely complete, but also look very rich and emphasize the taste and wealth of the owner. This is important, because in the East from time immemorial it has been customary to emphasize one’s social status.

Such products can be located:

  • on the floor;
  • on the wall;
  • on the sofa;
  • on the bed instead of a bedspread;
  • on the table instead of a tablecloth (special carpets, finely woven).

carpet in oriental style

Paintings in oriental style

The interior of the bedroom in oriental style encourages the use of various interior decorations, such as paintings. Now very popular modular paintings that look interesting and unusual, but in order to more accurately reproduce oriental motifs, it is better to choose the classic version of paintings framed in carved gilded frames. Another relatively new but trendy option is a small oriental-style photo murals framed with moldings that, when done right, look like a real painting.

paintings in oriental style

Decor in oriental style

Even the smallest Oriental-style bedroom can be furnished with Oriental-inspired decorative elements. Among the popular and interesting options and decoration techniques, the following can be distinguished:

  1. Columns with oriental patterns. Columns that perform the functions of space zoning will look best, for example, when dividing a very large room into two, but without using solid walls.
  2. Carving in the shape of a mosque, which can be used in the design of arches, both interior and at the head of the bed. This form can also be used in the design of window openings.
  3. Tiles with oriental patterns are used in the most unexpected and unusual ways. It can be stairs, window and door slopes, floors, walls, etc.
  4. An oriental-style bedroom cannot do without various little things that will enhance the atmosphere of a thousand and one nights. It can be figurines, lamps, candlesticks and so on.

decor in oriental style

Furniture in oriental style

To design a bedroom in an oriental style, not only finishing elements are important, but also furniture. Finding stylized pieces of bedroom furniture is not difficult, but pairing them with each other and with finishes is a matter that requires a deliberate step when buying furniture. A bedroom in a mysterious oriental style should ideally be furnished with natural carved wooden furniture.

Bed in oriental style

When you mention an oriental-style bed, the first thing that comes to mind is a chic canopy bed. The shape of the bed is ideally wide and narrow. It will look very original if you finish it with drapery, and the canopy with tassels. Fabrics and patterns should go well with the rest of the interior. An oriental-style bedspread, bedding and pillows, including decorative ones, should look as organic as possible in the interior and blend perfectly with each other. More often this effect is achieved with the help of individually ordered sets.

There are features of oriental-style beds, so it will not be superfluous to know about these subtleties.

  1. The bed should be soft, comfortable and spacious.
  2. It is best to choose a natural material, for example, wood, painted in light colors while maintaining the texture.
  3. A distinctive feature in oriental style is a high headrest.

If you didn’t manage to purchase the finished product, then you can try to give the necessary look to the simplest bed using:

  1. All the same spectacular canopy made of transparent, airy fabrics.
  2. Many pillows decorated with oriental-style pillowcases, tassels or fringe.
  3. Bed linen and bedspread in the chosen style.

bed in oriental style

Cabinets in oriental style

In order for an oriental-style bedroom to look complete, everything in it must be well combined with each other. Modern wardrobes are more likely to choose those that save space, for example, a wardrobe. You can also stylize such a cabinet under the East with the help of decor, but other models that are easier to decorate and match the style will look better.

Finding a ready-made solution is not always easy, but it is possible to additionally complete the wardrobe or make it to order. It will cost much more, but there will be a guarantee that this piece of furniture will be unique. Whether it is an individual product, a ready-made version or a wardrobe — the oriental style is good because you can always add the details necessary for this style with the help of decor.

oriental style cabinets

Armchair in oriental style

A cozy bedroom in oriental style is not complete without a soft and comfortable armchair. Such products are difficult to purchase in an average store, and original products (high-quality) are very expensive, so many decorate them with their own hands. The easiest way to change the upholstery is to pick up a colorful ornament in an oriental style and decorate it with fringe and tassels. The main thing is that the chair has massive armrests and a wooden base, decorated with carved elements, like real oriental-style upholstered furniture.

armchair in oriental style

Chest of drawers in oriental style

Oriental-style furniture is distinguished by a certain chic and maximum convenience. A chest of drawers in the bedroom is not a mandatory piece of furniture, but it is desirable. An oriental-style bedroom with a chest of drawers looks more interesting, especially if this piece of furniture fits organically into the overall interior. If financial possibilities allow, then a handmade chest of drawers is the best possible option, and if this is not possible, then you should choose a product that has a slender silhouette, beautiful decorative trim and a wide variety of oriental patterns.

chest of drawers in oriental style

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