wooden interior doors

When choosing interior doors, most people prefer natural wood. And although this material is not cheap, it has a lot of advantages for which it makes sense to lay out a considerable amount.

Interior doors made of wood are solid and very heavy canvases with a beautiful natural wood pattern. Unlike cheaper options for doors made of fiberboard or MDF, solid wood interior doors have excellent sound insulation, strength characteristics and, of course, they are the most durable.

Wooden doors and interior styles

The most anticipated interior style that uses wood as the main material to create the environment is classic. Only solid, expensive and natural materials, which include natural wood. Elite interior doors of wood will perfectly fit into this style.

Ethnic styles also do not accept anything synthetic — only natural materials. But the shape of the valves may not necessarily be strict. Interior accordion doors made of wood are appropriate here. Depending on the specific ethnic trend, wood can be combined with leather, wickerwork, natural fabrics, and so on.

In an impeccable English style, mahogany interior doors will look amazing. They are combined with other expensive materials — stone, leather, metal. The main thing is to create the right environment.

For a romantic Provence style, sliding interior doors made of wood on large hinges scurrying along the guide are suitable. They can be dyed in any light shade. The main thing is that they should not attract attention, but rather serve as a backdrop for the rest of the decor — wicker chairs, cute potted flowers, checkered tablecloths and curtains.

For more modern styles, combined interior doors are used — wood with glass.

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