How to quickly dry things: 6 ways

Listed all the ways in the video

one In the washing machine

If your machine has a drying mode, you’re in luck. Just put your wet clothes in there and turn on the desired program. However, if there is no built-in dryer, you can use the following method.

Place a few dry terry towels with the wet item. Then turn on the spin, select the number of revolutions depending on the type of fabric. At the end of the work, the towels will absorb excess moisture, the thing will become drier. The procedure can be repeated, or use an iron that will completely dry the product.


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2 With a hair dryer

Only small parts of clothing can be dried with a hair dryer: underwear, socks and other textiles. Big and dense things will waste too much time and energy, so it’s not very efficient. When drying, do not bring the hair dryer too close, leave a distance of 40 cm between it and the fabric.

3 In the towel

Another method in which you need a terry towel is suitable for dense and heavy items, such as sweaters, from which it is difficult to remove moisture by other methods.

Lay the towel on a horizontal surface. Lay the item of clothing on top. Then roll the towel together with the «stuffing» into a roll. Press down with something heavy and leave for a few minutes. Textile will absorb excess water into itself. Then the wet towel should be changed to a clean and dry one and repeat the procedure 1-2 more times.


four Near the fan

If you have a fan heater at home, you are in luck. Hang clothes near him and direct a stream of warm air at them. Use a mode with not very high power. The main rule is not to place things directly on the fan. This is a fire hazard: the fabric may catch fire.

5 With an iron

It is easy to dry damp things with an iron. When using, do not turn on the maximum temperature mode so as not to burn the fabric, and also turn off the steam supply. Be sure to check the instructions on the clothing label, some materials cannot be ironed. For example, silk and nylon.


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6 On an electric dryer

If you often find yourself needing to quickly dry your laundry, you can purchase an electric clothes dryer. It looks like an ordinary folding one, but there is one difference: it must be plugged into an outlet in order to work.

Bonus: what not to do

These methods are common on the Internet: many advise drying small items in the microwave, near the oven, using a hair straightener or a heater. However, it is quite flammable.

  • It is impossible to dry the fabric in the microwave until completely dry, otherwise you will get a spoiled smoking thing. The material in the oven warms up unevenly, so it will eventually lose its shape.
  • The drying method next to the oven is simply dangerous, since it must be open all the time.
  • An iron will most likely ruin the fabric: it is easy for them to burn through it, since the heating temperature of the device is very high.
  • It is very careful to place things that are too wet on electric heaters: you can be electrocuted. And on a heater at too high a temperature, the fabric may deteriorate. It is better not to use these methods.

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