floor mirror

floor mirror

A floor mirror will undoubtedly become an interior decoration of any room, especially if it harmoniously matches the shape, size and color of the rest of the environment. Using a mirror in the interior, you should think about its original decor.

When purchasing a framed floor mirror, you should pay special attention to the material, the quality of the mirror surface, and the model. There are various modifications of floor mirrors, they may differ in the shape of the stand, legs, and the presence of wheels.

Modern mirrors can be inserted into framing frames, they enliven the mirror canvas and at the same time look luxurious, especially if the framing is made of natural oak, teak, mahogany, pine.

Various floor mirrors

The main advantage of large floor mirrors is that they are able to reflect a person in full growth, while being an element of decoration that draws attention to themselves.

Practical and popular is the floor mirror with legs, this model is the most convenient and stable, especially if the mirror is set in a heavy frame. Such models often have additional equipment in the form of drawers and shelves, ideal for bedrooms and dressing rooms. It is best to use such a product for interior design, made in a classic style.

An antique floor mirror is also suitable for classics, especially if the frame is covered with bronze, silver or gilding. Such a mirror, placed with fantasy, can decorate both the living room and the bedroom — the main thing is that it fits into the overall style decision.

An oval floor mirror that reflects a full-length person with no corners is a great option for the bedroom, it will bring a feeling of peace and comfort. An oval-shaped mirror is traditionally considered feminine. A floor mirror in a carved white frame will emphasize the sophistication of the interior, it will significantly lighten the interior, make it more airy. If the bedroom is small in size, then it is better to purchase a mirror that is compact and without a frame, it will help to visually expand the size of the room.

The advantage of a floor mirror is mobility — it can be easily placed not only anywhere in the bedroom, but also, if necessary, moved to another room. It is most convenient to transport the floor mirror on wheels.

A beautiful, decorative Provence floor mirror will radically help transform the space; it will bring a truly French charm to the house. Such a mirror can have a different shape, bizarre curves, be artificially aged or made in vintage style, in any case, it will become a highlight of the interior, adding elegance and sophistication to it. Retro style is becoming popular again, so Provence mirrors are in great demand in modern interior design.

Floor mirror in the bathroom

A mirror is also a necessary, functional element in any bathroom. A modern, stylish and creative solution would be to install a luxurious floor mirror in this room.

Bathroom floor mirrors should be equipped with a canvas that has increased moisture resistance, modern manufacturers cover them with special films that prevent fogging. The price of such products is somewhat more expensive than the «room» version, but their performance, adapted to wet rooms, can extend the service life.

There are versions of models with heating, a thin heating element is attached to them, which prevents condensation and fogging of the mirror surface.

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