Floor coverings

Floor coverings

Flooring is a very important design element, which determines the comfort, hygiene, safety and aesthetics of any room. Modern floor coverings for the home are very diverse, but, nevertheless, not all are basic, popular and in demand.

Most used floor coverings

Parquet flooring — one of the most traditional, beloved, natural, made from valuable tree species. Parquet requires careful and constant care, but if the necessary conditions for its maintenance are provided, then the parquet will last a very long time. This type of finish has always been considered very expensive, but modern technologies for its production have helped to somewhat reduce the cost of the product, making it more affordable.

parquet board as a floor covering, made, like parquet, from expensive valuable wood, serves as a worthy alternative to natural parquet, but its cost is much cheaper.

A worthy replacement for a parquet board can be cork flooringmade from natural material. The cork floor is distinguished by good sound insulation, thermal conductivity, environmental safety, and hypoallergenicity.

Wooden flooring allows you to additionally bring the beauty of the texture of natural wood into the interior design. Thermowood, which has undergone heat treatment, has become a modern high-quality material, due to which it has acquired an increased density — it will not dry out, crack, or warp. This flooring is perfect for the hall, dining room, bedroom, hallway.

Laminate flooring does not require complex maintenance and is easy to install. Laminate is a high-density fiberboard in several layers, covered with compressed paper, impregnated with resin. This finishing material has moisture-resistant qualities, is characterized by resistance to mechanical damage, durability, it does not need to be scraped, sanded and varnished, unlike parquet.

What is inexpensive to finish the floor?

Floor coverings for the kitchen should be the most resistant to moisture, mechanical damage, corrosion, cracks, because the kitchen is a place where something often falls on the floor, breaks, and, in addition, for hygiene reasons, the floors are washed there more often than in the rest of the premises.

Such flooring can be PVC module tiles or rolled linoleum. It is able to withstand heavy loads, resistant to the action of chemicals on it.

PVC tiles has a variety of design, it can imitate parquet, wood, natural stone, be of different shapes and colors. Vinyl flooring is a very durable, environmentally friendly, low cost solution with excellent shock absorbing and thermal insulation performance. Along with tiles, PVC floor coverings are suitable for use in the bathroom, they are easy to care for and keep the room clean.

Carpeted floors — a modern synthetic material with a number of advantages. When choosing a carpet, you should pay attention to its basis, it can be terry, velor and combined. Terry carpet gets dirty more easily, dents from furniture legs remain on it, it quickly becomes unusable. Velor — easier to clean, traces of furniture are invisible on it.

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