Ethno style in the interior — ideas for rooms in ethno design


ethno style in the interior

Originality and sophistication are the hallmarks of ethno style in the interior. Design in the best national traditions is always bright, original and recognizable. Whether it’s a shop, an apartment or a country house — properly selected finishing materials, furniture and decor items will guarantee impeccable design and comfort.

Room in ethnic style

The color of distant countries in your apartment is a tempting offer, because it allows you to realize bold ideas, create comfort and coziness. Implying many directions, ethnic interior is the choice of people of different professions and hobbies. Each style carries cultural traditions and mood. Restraint and tranquility are inherent in the Japanese style, a thirst for bright adventures — African, ostentatious luxury — Indian. To implement ethno style in the interior, it is necessary to maintain the color scheme, evaluate the free space and layout.

Living room in ethno style

The largest room in the house is the living room. This feature greatly increases the possible options for its design. Choosing ethno style in the design of the living room, you can pay attention to the following areas:

  1. Conciseness, strictness of lines and maximum free space are characteristic of Japanese style. Its color palette is represented by a contrasting combination of white, beige, cream shades, with dark trim lines. For a Japanese-style living room, low wooden furniture is chosen, decorated with asymmetrical natural ornaments. The walls are decorated with engravings in modest frames, paper fans.
  2. Japanese style living room

  3. The interior in African style is built on simplicity and primitive forms. Warm and bright colors, including red, sandy, terracotta, yellow, create a contrast with shades of ebony and dark chocolate. Skins with zebra dressing or capes with national ornaments are thrown over soft leather furniture. The wall decoration is predominantly textured, imitating stone, bamboo, rough plaster, and a stone-like laminate is used as a floor covering. Complement the interior with accessories: figurines, wall masks, animal figurines.
  4. Interior in African style

  5. Indian interior style is characterized by an abundance of decorative elements. Everywhere carving, gilding, multi-color painting, inlays with ivory, mother-of-pearl, glass, stone and bronze inserts. Combinations of crimson, turquoise and orange create a palette of trends. Soft and comfortable furniture, complemented by many decorative pillows. The walls are decorated with wallpaper with rich ornaments or colorful textiles.
  6. Indian interior style

Kitchen in ethno style

Luxury and comfort is a rare combination, but many people dream of seeing their kitchen as such. Ethno style allows you to make dreams come true. Design in the best traditions does not tolerate restrictions, it is bright and attractive, does not neglect comfort and practicality:

  1. Kitchens in Indian style. A riot of colors and an exquisite aroma of spices distinguish Indian-style cuisines from the rest. The interior is complemented by hanging cabinets with doors decorated with openwork patterns and forged gratings. The furniture is made exclusively from dark wood, which is in perfect harmony with the walls and ceiling painted in light pastel shades. A wooden or glass table is located in the middle of the room, bamboo chairs or hard poufs are placed around it. The Indian direction of ethno style in the interior implies the obligatory use of decorative elements: figurines in the form of an elephant, deities of Buddha, Ganesha, lamps with fabric lampshades, many jars of spices. The windows are decorated with light curtains.
  2. Indian Style Kitchens

  3. Chinese style kitchens. For lovers of strict design and functional solutions, an interior designed in the style of Chinese traditions will seem like a real find. Natural wood furniture is used here to create the right atmosphere. These are tables with smooth contours and minimal overall dimensions, benches and chairs without upholstery. The color scheme is limited to red and yellow palette. The interior is complemented by national paraphernalia: paintings with landscapes, porcelain dishes, rice paper lanterns with hieroglyphs.
  4. Chinese style kitchens

  5. Kitchens in Russian style. Colorful and sophisticated design in this direction. In modern houses and apartments, Russian ethno style in its pure form is practically not found, but its individual elements are actively used by connoisseurs of ancient Russian culture. These are solid wooden tables with massive stools, open shelves, benches decorated with carvings and hand-painted, home textiles with embroidered national ornaments, and stove imitations. The interior is not complete without traditional paraphernalia: nesting dolls, samovars, horseshoes, decorated dishes.
  6. Kitchens in Russian style

Bedroom interior design in ethno style

Psychologists say that the interior design of the bedroom should set in a positive way, give comfort and peace. But since everyone has their own idea of ​​spiritual harmony, ethno style in the interior of the bedroom is so in demand. Plunge into the world of travel, dream about distant countries before going to bed, or feel the ideas of Eastern philosophy, what could be easier:

  1. Bedroom in Japanese style. Large spacious room, not cluttered with furniture and other details. There will definitely be a bed, a bedside table, other, but built-in furniture is allowed. The room is dominated by a range of warm pastel shades, the windows are covered with bamboo blinds or thick curtains with traditional patterns. Against the background of light walls, paintings in red frames look contrasting.
  2. Japanese style bedroom

  3. African safari style bedroom. The unbridled power of wild nature, its beauty, beckon dreamers and travelers. An appropriate interior will help you feel in your native element among gray everyday life. Safari plays on contrasts, actively uses paraphernalia. These are rugs in the form of animal skins, masks, stools covered with leather, plants with large leaves resembling a fan.
  4. African safari style bedroom

Ethnic interior design

Ethno style is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the traditions of other nations. It is suitable not only for apartments and houses. This design is considered an ideal solution for restaurants, travel agencies, beauty salons, entertainment centers. For example, the Scandinavian ethnic style in the interior captivates with warmth and harmony. A wide range of calm monochrome shades, the absence of contrasting transitions, the use of natural materials, maximum free space — ideal for decorating a country house or hotel.

Ethnic interior design

It is important to consider that each direction of ethnic style is fraught with the history of the nation. Therefore, often, when choosing an ethnic style in the interior, designers rely on associations. So, France is famous for its gourmet cuisine and is still considered a trendsetter to this day. The corresponding design is found in restaurants and fashion boutiques. The Greek style is used in the design of beauty salons, and the reason for this is the legend of the beautiful goddess Aphrodite, whose birthplace was Greece.

French ethno style in the interior  Greek ethno style in the interior

Wallpaper — ethno style

Given the features and scale, it can be assumed that the finishing materials in ethnicity are completely diverse, and sometimes even opposite. So, when decorating a house in ethno style, you can glue floral wallpaper, taking French chic as the leading direction, or bright textured canvases with thematic ornaments that have absorbed all the luxury of Indian identity. African-style wallpapers are full of bright patterns on a light background. Canvases in the Arabic style will give out bright intricate patterns: silhouettes of swords, arabesques, lattices and more.

floral wallpaper

Ethno style furniture

Decoration in ethnic style is impossible without the use of furniture made from natural materials. Rattan, wood, stone, bamboo, roughness of textures, imitation of a raw surface are the invariable attributes of every style. But for all its similarity, furniture design also demonstrates priorities:

  1. An amazing mix — Moroccan style favors exquisite carved pieces of furniture.
  2. Moroccan style in the interior

  3. The dwelling, decorated in accordance with Chinese traditions, will be furnished with bamboo furniture, in which there are no sharp corners at all.
  4. Chinese ethnic style in the interior

  5. Low furniture with a laconic design corresponds to the Japanese ethno style.
  6. Japanese ethno style in the interior

  7. British-style furniture is distinguished by the nobility of wood species, ornate patterns and deliberate stiffness.
  8. British style furniture

Carpets in ethno style

Recreating the atmosphere of exotic corners of the world and the flavor of oriental civilizations indoors, it is important not to forget about accessories such as carpets and floor runners. So a soft carpet, decorated with ornaments and patterns, will turn the bedroom into a real abode of an Arab beauty. Monochrome products in pastel colors will perfectly fit into the concept of Japanese minimalism. Carpets lavishly decorated with handmade national motifs will complement the ethno Indian interior design.

Carpets in ethno styleIndian ethno style in the interior

Pictures — ethno style

The ethnic interior of the apartment implies the active use of works of art. Pictures make the style recognizable and unique. The Japanese direction is not complete without images of hieroglyphs, landscapes of nature, the Mediterranean one fascinates with sea compositions, the African ethno style in the interior is complemented by images of hunting scenes, weapons, animals.

Japanese paintings in ethnic styleAfrican paintings in ethnic style

Ethno style tiles

This finishing material is used for background decoration and creating bright accents. It is used for framing walls in the kitchen, in the bathroom, as a floor covering. Traditionally, tiles for the kitchen in ethno style represent the background coating “under the stone”, “under the tree”, “under the clay”. The accents are ceramics with geometric patterns, ornate ornaments, oriental motifs.

Ethno style tilesbathroom in ethno style

Chandeliers in ethno style

Impeccable interior design — ethnic style is so scrupulous that it does not represent the latter without defining details. Chandeliers in ethnics are considered the final, but important design touches. Like other interior items, they reflect the cultural heritage:

  • Arabic-style chandeliers captivate with their beauty and sophistication, an abundance of small details made of crystal and gilding;
  • Arabic style chandeliers

  • products in the Egyptian style enchant with elaborate patterns and weaves;
  • Egyptian style chandeliers

  • Moroccan chandeliers are distinguished by an abundance of different shades, almost all of them are made of colored glass or metal.
  • Moroccan chandeliers in the interior

Lamps — ethno style

These interior items do an excellent job with their immediate task — they illuminate the necessary surface, for example, a working part in the kitchen or a desk. And with the right choice and skillful arrangement, they place accents on certain elements of the interior, emphasize the style and mood. Pendant lamps in ethno style are made of wood, metal, glass, textiles.

Ethno style lamps

Ethnic interior items

The transfer of the necessary energy in the ethnic style is impossible without various figurines, national household items and other decorative elements. If we are talking about the African direction, then these are masks, floor vases, embroidered pillows. Japanese ethno style in the interior implies the presence of fans, vases, tea sets, ikebana, classical English — figurines, photographs, paintings, beautiful napkins. Ethno-style plates, jars for spices, tablecloths, towels, panels and more serve as decor for kitchens.

Japanese ethno style in the interiorEthnic interior items  Kitchen decor in ethno style


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