Entrance hall with closet

entrance hall with closet 0

The design of the hallway with a wardrobe looks quite stylish and elegant. With the help of such a headset, you can hide all the shortcomings of the room: a crooked angle, uneven walls. By equipping the facade of the cabinet with mirrors, the effect of a visual increase in the size of the room is created.

The entrance hall with a wardrobe looks more modern, while the voluminous storage system allows you to ensure their high-quality content.

Most often, a sliding wardrobe is made to order, so it takes into account the dimensions of the room, its height, and at the same time has the design and the internal content that you need.

A big plus of such a closet in the hallway is that you can independently, in accordance with your taste, preferences and financial capabilities, choose the material and accessories for its manufacture, maintaining the overall style and design with the rest of the furniture in the apartment.

Arrangement of modern hallways

Modern trends in interior design lean towards minimalism, open space, so the entrance hall, with a wardrobe installed in it and devoid of bulky wardrobes, massive bedside tables and chests of drawers, is a very rational solution.

An entrance hall with a closet is much more spacious, especially if the closet is built-in — this model allows you to save space as much as possible, while getting a convenient place to store a lot of things. In addition to clothes, shoes, various accessories, you can conveniently place fairly large items in the closet, such as household appliances, voluminous suitcases, sports bags and accessories.

In order to get the most functional hallway, additional furniture can be placed next to the closet, such as a mirror, if the fronts of the closet are not equipped with it, a small open hanger for outerwear, a table for the press, keys, mobile phones, and an ottoman.

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