Decorative plaster in the hallway

decorative plaster in the hallway

The entrance hall meets us and our guests first, therefore it must immediately create the right impression of the house and its owners. And decorative plaster in this room is an excellent way to decorate the hallway and make it cozy and tidy.

Finishing the hallway with decorative plaster — advantages

Decorative plaster for the walls of the hallway makes the coating of these surfaces more wear-resistant, durable and durable. Due to the content of exclusively natural components, such as marble, granite and other particles of minerals, you can not worry about the environmental friendliness of the wall covering.

There is a considerable range of decorative plasters in the hallway, which differ in texture, particle size, composition, not to mention the possibility of coloring the plaster in any color you like.

With the help of plaster, you can imitate various natural materials, such as sand, natural stone, wood. Also popular are mixtures that, after application, resemble silk or reptile skin. As a result, the interior in the hallway with decorative plaster can have the look that you have always dreamed of.

Types of decorative plaster for the hallway

The following types of plaster are used to decorate the walls of the hallway with decorative plaster:

  1. Structural plaster. These mixtures are heterogeneous in structure due to inclusions of particles of various sizes. With it, you can create the desired patterns, depending on the movements made by the grater during grouting.
  2. Textured plaster. Allows you to create different reliefs on the walls using different rollers, applicators and stamps. It is with this plaster that imitations of the pattern of wood, stone luggage and reptile skin become available.
  3. Venetian plaster. Applied in layers and can be matte or glossy. Thanks to the gradual application of the material in layers, it is possible to achieve amazing results with a visual illusion of depth, just like in natural stone. To add gloss and protect the coating, wax is additionally applied to the wall.

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