Curtains in the bedroom — beautiful modern ideas, short, Roman, rolled, options with a lambrequin

Curtains in the bedroom - new designs, popular ideas for decoration

The bedroom space is personal and designed for relaxation, so it is customary to decorate it in soothing colors. Curtains in the bedroom perform not only a decorative function, but also protect the premises from sunlight or the light of night lights, providing a deeper and healthier sleep.

How to choose curtains for the bedroom?

When choosing the design of curtains for the bedroom, you should pay attention to the models and shades so that they blend perfectly with the decoration of the room and cope with the functions assigned to them. In addition, when choosing curtains for your bedroom, it will be useful to heed the advice given by experienced designers:

  1. It is best to choose curtains made of thick fabrics, then they will protect from the brightest sunlight and play an important role in soundproofing.
  2. The option with a pattern should not attract undue attention, but only favorably emphasize the overall interior design.
  3. Curtains should be as simple and unpretentious as possible to maintain, because the bedroom is a room that should always be fresh and clean.
  4. It is very good if the curtains and the bedspread create a kind of tandem in the same style.

As for the choice of shade, its choice depends on individual preferences, but still, there are some colors and shades that will always look good in a room for a night out.

  1. Green. This is a color that brings a sense of peace, tranquility and harmony to the room. The atmosphere of the room will be the best way to have a good rest, distracting thoughts from the outside world.
  2. Beige. A noble color that will help get rid of aggression and set you up for a quality and sound sleep.
  3. Blue. When choosing curtains for the bedroom, you need to know that the blue option is very easy to combine with other interior items and finishes.
  4. Brown. This color helps to feel safe. Brown shades do not attract too much attention, but at the same time, they will look expensive and very noble.

bedroom curtain design

If we consider the most preferred options for curtain models for the bedroom, then the designers offer to consider several interesting options.

  1. Roman. Such curtains take up very little space, so they are ideal for a small bedroom.
  2. Japanese. Elegant and functional Japanese curtains are perfect for styling a bedroom in a minimalist style. Often these models are equipped with remote controls, so you can control them without getting out of bed.
  3. English. For a classic bedroom, such models of curtains are ideal. This design is interesting in that it is equipped with a mechanism that lifts the curtain up, forming an interesting and rich fold.
  4. French. This model is suitable if the curtains in the bedroom are chosen as an accent detail of the interior. They look very rich and sophisticated, with many folds and beautiful drapery.

Curtains with lambrequin in the bedroom

Choosing functional curtains — thick ones for the bedroom are the best fit. A beautiful version of products with a lambrequin makes the room more comfortable and conducive to relaxation. Who does not know — a lambrequin is a beautiful fabric drapery along the entire width of the cornice, often decorated with tassels, folds, fringe and rim. These curtains are available in two versions:

  1. Hard. In this version, the cornice part of the lambrequin has a rigid base and looks very interesting and stylish.
  2. Soft. In this option, there is no rigid base, which makes the curtain lighter and more airy.

Curtains in the bedroom with lambrequins have their pros and cons, which should be considered in order to finally make a choice. Among the undeniable advantages:

  1. Lambrequins help visually hide imperfections in the window zone, diverting attention to themselves.
  2. Luxurious and stylish curtains complete the interior and decorate it with their presence.
  3. A large assortment of such products on the modern market provides a field for imagination, which ultimately helps to create an individual design that has no analogues.


  1. This model of curtains for bedrooms is suitable if the room is spacious, because lambrequins visually reduce the space.
  2. The cost of this product is high and not for everyone such a waste will be justified.

curtains with lambrequin in the bedroom

Short curtains for the bedroom

Many people like short curtains in the bedroom to the windowsill, but not everyone knows when they will be appropriate, and what to look for when choosing them. If the bedroom is spacious, and short curtains are the option on which the choice was made, then you need to heed the following tips:

  1. When buying curtains, do not forget to measure the distance from the cornice to the window sill so that you can adjust them to the desired length if necessary.
  2. For a bedroom decorated in a classic style, short curtains with lambrequins are suitable.
  3. The calm colors of the curtains, made in the English or French version, will look good in a lush room.
  4. An important point when choosing short curtains is the design of the battery. It is advisable to pre-close the radiator or decorate it.
  5. Models on grommets are appropriate in a niche space and where there is a cozy sitting area with armchairs or a small sofa.

short curtains for the bedroom

Roman blinds for the bedroom

Modern curtains for the bedroom are represented on the market by a variety of models, among which Roman ones occupy a leading position. To have a complete picture of the appropriateness of the use of such curtains, you should find out in which cases they are suitable for the bedroom.

  1. If the window is multi-leaf, then a short Roman blind will not make the room heavier, but will make it visually more spacious.
  2. If a table adjoins the window, some storage furniture, an armchair, and so on. In this case, a long curtain will interfere and look a little ridiculous.
  3. In a bedroom with several windows, each window is decorated using different models. For example, one window has long classic curtains, and the other has a Roman blind.
  4. If there is a need for frequent darkening of the bedroom during the daytime, then Roman short curtains made of dense fabric are ideal, which will not overload the interior.

roman blinds for bedroom

Roller blinds for the bedroom

Considering the options for bedroom curtains, everyone wants to combine beauty, style, and functionality in one product. Roll models are very popular along with Roman and have the same qualities, because the difference between a roller blind and a Roman blind is insignificant visually and functionally. Their main difference is only in the design.

roller blinds for the bedroom

Curtains on the grommets in the bedroom

There are all sorts of design ideas for curtains for the bedroom, among which the model on the grommets is not the last. Eyelets are plastic or metal rings built into the fabric of the curtains through which the eaves rung is passed. It is very easy to move curtains with such a fastening mechanism, and the appearance of this type of curtain is very attractive.

When choosing this option for curtains, you need to consider two important details:

  1. The number of eyelets must be even in 20 cm increments (+/- 5 cm increments are possible). If two curtains are planned, then the number of eyelets must be the same.
  2. When buying fabric, you need to remember the stock that will be required for bending. It is easy to calculate it, everything will depend on the diameter of the eyelet and the indentation from above.

curtains on the grommets in the bedroom

Double curtains for the bedroom

Cloths that place one on top of the other are called double curtains. Such curtains are suitable for a bedroom with a balcony, or a spacious and bright lounge with a large window. The popularity of these types of curtains is due to their advantages:

  1. Very effective and rich appearance, which is able to decorate any room.
  2. The possibility of the most diverse combination of fabrics with different textures, shades and prints.
  3. Caring for double curtains is no more difficult than for ordinary classic options.

double curtains for bedroom

Filament curtains in the bedroom

Considering which curtains are best for a small bedroom, filament curtains, which are very popular today, can be a good option. This option looks very beautiful, stylish and unusual, but in order to make a final decision, it is worth considering all the pros and cons of such products so that you are not disappointed during their operation.


  1. Such curtains can be fixed in any convenient and simple way.
  2. Such curtains can be supplemented with decorative details due to their lightness.
  3. To adjust the length, you just need to cut off the excess.
  4. To wash the muslin, you need to braid it and wash it in the usual way.
  5. The prices for such products are reasonable.


  1. Threads may become tangled if not washed properly.
  2. Thick curtains will look beautiful, so you often need to buy several sets.
  3. Such curtains can be called a real dust collector due to the occurrence of static electricity.

filament curtains in the bedroom

Curtains in the interior of the bedroom

When choosing curtains for the bedroom, it is important not only to decide on the design and model, but also on color schemes. The design of the curtains in the bedroom should be in harmony with other interior items and decoration. Many are interested in the question of the appropriateness and permissibility of certain shades in the bedroom, so this issue should be considered in more detail.

Turquoise curtains in the bedroom

When choosing beautiful curtains for the bedroom, it is important that they are combined with something. It can be a floor covering, a bedspread, decorative pillows and bedside lamps. There should not be a lot of turquoise in this room, and when choosing a shade, soft and warm ones should be preferred so as not to disturb the calm atmosphere necessary for good rest and healthy sleep.

turquoise curtains in the bedroom

Gray curtains in the bedroom

It is important to choose curtains for the windows in the bedroom so that they cope with the functions assigned to them and look beautiful in the interior. Gray is an undeservedly infamous color, however, its use in the interior helps to create the perfect base tone. As for the bedroom, gray curtains, in combination with other items in this color, can make it stylish and emphasize the impeccable taste of the owner.

gray curtains in the bedroom

White curtains in the bedroom

Classic curtains in the bedroom will look great in white design. This color is combined with all others, so you don’t have to take a special approach to the colors and shades of other items and accessories. In addition, if you plan to decorate the bedroom in any of the styles, then white curtains will fit perfectly into any style because of its versatility. A huge plus of white curtains is the ability to visually enlarge the space.

white curtains in the bedroom

Purple curtains in the bedroom

Good night curtains in the bedroom should not let in light and perform soundproofing functions. Juicy purple color and dense texture of the fabric are able to cope with extraneous noise and unwanted light that interfere with proper rest. When choosing shades of purple, designers recommend taking a closer look at the following options:

  • lavender color;
  • violet color;
  • purple colour.

In the design of any room, and especially the bedroom, you need to remember that too much violet can harm the interior and be perceived negatively by the eyes. Everything must be dosed and have the right combination. So, if you really want to use curtains of a bright, juicy purple color, then other interior details that are combined with them should be pastel, soft and warm in order to neutralize the accent curtains on the windows.

purple curtains for bedroom

Burgundy curtains in the bedroom

If the decision is made to use dark curtains for the bedroom, then the burgundy color of the curtains is one of the most popular. Beautiful burgundy curtains in the bedroom will add luxury to the room, without sacrificing coziness and comfort. This color is independent and can play the role of a style-forming one, which is often used by designers. However, it should be remembered that burgundy can cause aggression, oppress and annoy, therefore, decorating the bedroom, you should combine burgundy curtains only with light and soft shades that can neutralize the intensity of burgundy.

burgundy curtains for the bedroom

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