Chandelier in the children’s room for a boy, a girl

Chandelier in the nursery - which option is better for your baby?

To achieve a cohesive design, it is important to pay attention to the choice of every detail. The chandelier in the children’s room should be not only beautiful, but also safe. There is a certain list of rules that should be considered in order to buy a high-quality and suitable lighting fixture.

Children’s stylish chandeliers

When choosing a product for a children’s room, it is necessary to pay attention to a number of important parameters. It is important that the device is environmentally friendly, easy to use, ergonomic and made from natural materials. The stores have different chandeliers for the children’s room and they can be divided into the following groups:

  1. Central lighting. When buying, you need to consider that the overhead light should be both bright, but at the same time soft and uniform. It is recommended to avoid crystal pendants and mirror elements, which will create an original reflection game, but this can cause a feeling of anxiety and distract from classes. The best choice is an option with a frosted shade or a large number of evenly distributed ceiling spotlights.
  2. Nightlight. A necessary attribute is a source of dim light, which in most cases is placed near the bed. Modern models have a projector that creates original drawings on the ceiling, for example, a starry sky. It may have a night light and a source of pleasant quiet music that will facilitate the process of falling asleep.
  3. Workplace lighting. A table lamp is indispensable on a school table, and it should have a low power lamp and an opaque top shade.
  4. Chandelier in the nursery for the play area. In most cases, the play area is illuminated by a central lamp, but if several children of different ages live in the same room, then the play area should have local lighting.

There are several main criteria that you should pay attention to when choosing lamps for the nursery:

  1. Safety. When buying a lamp, you need to check the quality of fastening, material and other components. It is important to consider that a child can get into the lamp with a ball, and it should not fall apart into small fragments. A bad option is a plastic chandelier, since it can release toxic substances when heated.
  2. Design. Many do not think that the appearance of the light source directly affects the child’s psyche and physiological characteristics. Children from the first days should be surrounded by things that are understandable and beautiful. A good solution is a children’s chandelier «Smile», «Sun», «Cloud» and so on. When choosing a design, the gender and age of the child should be taken into account.
  3. Size and shape. When choosing, it should be borne in mind that the chandelier in the nursery should correspond to the size of the room itself. If the room has an elongated and narrowed shape, then buy a track lighting system that distributes light evenly. Many models have turntables that are easily adjusted as needed, which is important when the nursery is divided into zones. For a small square-shaped room, a compact flattened model is better suited. It should be borne in mind that such a chandelier does not give enough light, so additional lamps are needed, for example, spotlights, corner lamps, floor lamps, sconces, and so on. If the child is not too active and the room has a high ceiling, then you can buy hanging options.
  4. Technical points. When buying a chandelier, you need to pay attention to the material of the body, shades, their height, power, number of lamps and other parameters.

children's stylish chandeliers

When buying a chandelier for a nursery, you must consider the age of the child:

  1. For babies. When decorating a room, it is important to remember that there should not be any extra light. The plafond should be closed, because babies are attracted to bright spots, and they often look at a burning lamp. There are a large number of models, for example, a chandelier can be mounted on the ceiling or hover in the air. There is a wide range of shapes and colors.
  2. Up to a year. From now on, you can use brighter lighting fixtures. You can choose original models, for example, the children’s chandelier «Letters» will be a good example, from which you can create a child’s name. A ceiling fixture should give a pleasant light to the eyes and for this purpose a large flat shade or a lamp with shades directed upwards can be used. Another option is contour lighting with spotlights.
  3. Preschoolers. For overhead lighting, it is better to choose halogen lamps that shine brightly, but do not blind. Energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps are not suitable. An excellent solution is small lamps placed around the perimeter of the ceiling.
  4. Pupils. At this age, children are mobile, so it is better to refuse massive and low-hanging chandeliers, which are very easy to break. A great option is a small ceiling lamp, which does not give annoying glare and gently and evenly illuminates the space.

Chandelier in the nursery in a marine style

Marine style is ideal for a children’s room, which at the same time creates a comfortable and calm atmosphere with elements of a fairy tale. The design can be decorated in the style of a captain’s cabin, a house on the coast, a pirate ship, and so on. The steering wheel chandelier is perfect for the nursery, and you can also use lamps in the form of various marine animals, seagulls or palm trees. Such lighting devices can be both auxiliary and main elements of decor. The central figure of the room can be a ship chandelier in the nursery.

chandelier in the nursery in a marine style

Chandelier «Balloon» in the nursery

An original object in the design of a children’s room will be a lamp in the form of a balloon, which can glow in different colors. Can be such a children’s ceiling chandelier or mounted on the wall. These lighting fixtures use a special soft polyethylene shell that creates a soft and gentle light for a cozy atmosphere. The wire of such a ball not only imitates a thread, but also serves as a switch.

chandelier balloon in the nursery

Chandelier «Sun» in the nursery

Thinking about the design of the children’s room, then pay attention to the lighting fixtures in the form of the sun, which are suitable for the ceiling and wall. The sun chandelier in the nursery will perfectly fit into any design, and it will give originality. You can buy models that are identical to the heavenly body, but it is better to choose options with smiling faces. Such a chandelier in the nursery will give a good mood and warmth at any time of the year.

chandelier sun in the nursery

Chandelier in the form of an airplane in the nursery

For boys, as the main lighting fixture, you can buy a chandelier in the shape of an airplane. It can be only the nose with a propeller or entire aircraft. Original children’s chandeliers in the form of an airplane can have unusual lighting, for example, in windows. It is worth noting that there are options where the lighting device itself has the shape of an aircraft, and there are models where the aircraft are only part of the composition and serve as decoration.

chandelier in the form of an airplane in the nursery

Chandelier «Butterflies» for the children’s room

Thinking through the design for your daughter’s room, then consider options for lighting fixtures that include butterflies. They can be placed on ceiling lamps, hang on threads or be an element of a design composition. A modern nursery chandelier can be shaped like a butterfly and mounted directly on the wall. Often they are presented in pink, but there are other colors. You can hang several «butterflies» of different colors on the wall at once.

butterfly chandelier for kids room

Chandelier «Cars» in the nursery

The famous cartoon has become a kind of brand that is used to sell different things. Many parents whose children are Lightning McQueen fans choose this theme for their bedroom decor. An important design detail is the ceiling chandelier in the children’s room, the lampshades of which have an original pattern with the main characters of the cartoon. There are other models, for example, wall lamps in the form of cars. With their help, you can create a cartoon design.

chandelier cars in the nursery

Chandelier in the nursery «Planets»

Another popular theme for decorating a children’s room is space. For this purpose, you can use the appropriate wallpaper, make a starry sky on the ceiling and buy unusual chandeliers in the children’s room in the form of planets. They will not only serve as a bright design solution, but also allow the child to explore the planets. There are single options, that is, for example, only the planet Earth or all the planets with their correct location in the solar system.

chandelier in the children's planet

Chandelier «Soccer ball» for the nursery

What most boys love at any age is football, which is why ball-shaped lighting fixtures are very popular. There are different models of chandeliers for the nursery, for example, in which the main ceiling has the shape of a ball, or several balls are used in the composition at once and they can be connected together or installed at different levels. A chandelier in the children’s bedroom in the form of a ball will look great on a green ceiling or wall.

chandelier soccer ball for nursery

Children’s chandelier «Umbrellas»

If the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room allows, then you can purchase large lighting fixtures, for example, a great option is several umbrellas of different colors interconnected, for example, green, yellow, red and white. You can buy a designer chandelier in the children’s room, which will have an unusual look and decorations. Light bulbs can be installed not only in the base of the dome, but also in the handle, or some designers use neon lighting around the perimeter of the umbrella.

children's chandelier umbrellas

Children’s chandelier «Birds»

Bird-shaped lamps can be used to decorate a child’s room. There are different options, for example, you can purchase models with the shape of fabulous birds or cartoon characters. An owl or penguin children’s chandelier looks great, and they are often sold in pairs. The assortment of stores includes original chandeliers suitable for a children’s room, in the form of a flock of small birds, as if they were flying away. Such compositions will look great both on the ceiling and on the wall.

chandelier children's birds

Children’s chandeliers for boys

The range of lamps pleases with variety, which will allow you to choose the perfect option for yourself. If the boy is interested in technology, then choose a chandelier in the form of an airplane or a spaceship. A chandelier in a boy’s nursery can be standard, but at the same time, lampshades can decorate images of your favorite heroes or animals. Among the designer models, you can find original options, for example, in the form of a molecule, a comet, a ball, and so on.

Children’s chandeliers for girls

Refined and romantic natures require the creation of a delicate design. Girls love fairy tales and miracles and this can be used when choosing interior details. An excellent solution is a chandelier in a girl’s nursery decorated with butterflies, flowers, stars or little fairies. The color can be pink, orange, or any other lighter shade. A wonderful decoration of the ceiling will be the children’s chandelier «Bees», which will give a good mood and take you to a fairy-tale world.

Chandeliers in the children’s room for a teenager

When the child becomes an adult, it will be necessary to carry out repairs and remove all details reminiscent of childhood. The choice in design should be made based on the interests of the teenager and his opinion. For the nursery, universal sconces, floor lamps and ceiling lamps are suitable. Designer children’s chandelier will help to realize even the most unusual ideas, thanks to non-standard shapes and colors. The most popular are high-tech lighting fixtures, minimalism and pop art.

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